Treasure Chart 11

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Treasure Chart 11

Treasure Chart 11 is one of the 46 Treasure Charts found in The Wind Waker.

Acquiring Treasure Chart

The Treasure Chart is found within a treasure chest in Dragon Roost Cavern. It is located in a room on the 1st Floor, not far from the entrance. This treasure chest requires the Grappling Hook in order to reach.

From the entrance of the dungeon, Link can travel through the first door and head straight to reach the large, main chamber of the dungeon. From there, take a left and head through the door down the path. Immediately turn to the right and you'll find a large gap. Look up and you'll find a post hanging from the wall. Use the Grappling Hook to swing across the gap and then slash away at the wooden boards. Open the treasure chest found here to get the Sunken Treasure.

Sunken Treasure

The corresponding Sunken Treasure can be found at Crescent Moon Island and it contains a Piece of Heart.