Mighty Darknut

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Mighty Darknut
Mighty Darknut Figurine (TWW).png




Mighty Darknuts are enemies encountered by Link in The Wind Waker. They are similar to their other Darknut counterparts, but are distinguished by their red armor. They are often times found wearing a cape, but a few do not. Mighty Darknuts are stronger than other Darknuts, and require more hits in order to be defeated. Link can defeat Mighty Darknuts by first destroying their armor and then dealing damage to their main body. An easy way Link can get rid of their armor is to parry their strikes or hit them from behind. LIke other Darknuts, Mighty Darknuts drop Knight's Crests.

Mighty Darknut
Mighty Darknut Figurine (TWW).png Habitat: Hyrule Castle
Spoil: Knight's Crest
These are Darknut captains. Some wear capes that must be burned or cut off before their armor straps can be cut.