Legendary Pictographs

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"A Legendary Pictograph is an image of a being or essence that has passed beyond the knowledge of this world. They're quite incredible, really. These are images that one comes across only in the rarest of circumstances, but as I am the leading pictographer in the land, I have managed to gather many of them."


Legendary Pictographs are pictographs that can be bought from Lenzo in The Wind Waker and in The Wind Waker HD. These pictographs are images of characters that Link only encounters during cutscenes, except for the image of Ganondorf, which can be obtained through traditional means. Each pictograph becomes available after Link has encountered the character during a scene. These pictographs cost 50 Rupees in the original version of The Wind Waker; however, they cost 150 Rupees in The Wind Waker HD. In the HD version, Link can also receive and send Legendary Pictographs via the Tingle Bottle, which is likely the cause of the more expensive price. Each of these pictographs' availability is also affected by the phases of the moon. Once Link has the Legendary Pictograph, he can take it to the Nintendo Gallery, where Carlov can make a figurine out of it.

Before any of the Legendary Pictographs can be obtained, Link must first become Lenzo's apprentice and obtain the Deluxe Picto Box. When Link first visits Lenzo after the Legendary Pictographs have become available, he tells Link that it is the current anniversary of when he first snapped a Legendary Pictograph.[1] Because Link has dedicated his life to Pictographs as he has, he agrees to place one of the Legendary Pictographs in Link's Deluxe Picto Box.[2] Just before he is about to give Link the Pictograph, he hesitates and asks if Link will pay the required amount for it.[3] He then announces that every day will be Legendary Pictograph day, and Link can obtain a new one each day.[4]


Here are the Legendary Pictographs that can be obtained as well as what moon phase they are available at:

Picture Name Moon Phase
Fado Legendary Pictograph.jpg Fado Waxing Crescent
Laruto Legendary Pictograph.jpg Laruto First Quarter
King Legendary Pictograph.jpg Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule Waxing Gibbous
Ganondorf Legendary Pictograph.jpg Ganondorf Full Moon
Great Fairy Legendary Pictograph.jpg Great Fairy Waning Gibbous
Jabun Legendary Pictograph.jpg Jabun Last Quarter
Queen of Fairies Legendary Pictograph.jpg Queen of Fairies Waning Crescent


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  2. "And yet, [Link], seeing as how you are one who has dedicated his life to the art of pictography, as I have... I am willing to pass on to you one of these treasured Legendary Pictographs. If you have any open pictograph slots, I will place the image in your Deluxe Picto Box. Let me see it for a moment, will you?" — Lenzo, The Wind Waker.
  3. "I shall place this pictograph in there immediately! Er... Hmmm, now... But perhaps that would be hasty... This is, after all, a very precious thing. I cannot just give it away for free, can I? What do you say, young sir? Will you pay 50 Rupees for it? I'll pay No way" — Lenzo, The Wind Waker.
  4. "For me, every day is Pictography Day! I cannot wait for tomorrow to come!" — Lenzo, The Wind Waker.