Bombchu Bowling Alley

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Bombchu Bowling Alley

The Bombchu Bowling Alley is a game played in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is found in a large building in Hyrule Castle Town Market when Link is a child.

Link can participate for 30 Rupees. The object of the game is to use Bombchus to blow up certain points on the wall. There are three phases - with each completion of a level, the wall falls, revealing another level. Each level has its own obstacles, from Blade Traps to invincible Cuccos, while the second phase has three randomly-selected variations with the target in different places. Link can win one of four prizes, shown after he has paid but before he has started playing:

The Bomb Bag upgrade and Piece of Heart can only be won once per save file, while the other two recur indefinitely.


Like in regular bowling, Link must stay behind a line at all times. He only carries ten Bombchus, but it is enough for more than one try per level. There are three levels total, where Link must aim the Bombchus at small targets on the wall while avoiding Blade Traps and Cuccos.