Medigoron's Blade Store

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Medigoron's Blade Store




Medigoron's Blade Store is a shop in Ocarina of Time found within Goron City. [1][2]

Link can first enter the store after acquiring Zelda's Letter for permission to enter the Death Mountain Trail. It is found in the third section of Goron City. It is first blocked by stone walls, which Link can simply destroy with Bomb Flowers or with his Bombs. When Link enters the store, Medigoron will inform that he's working on something really cool, which will take about 5-6 years to be ready.[3][4] Furthermore, when Link returns to the store as an adult, Medigoron has completed his Giant's Knife, which Link can purchase for 200 Rupees.[5][6] However, when striking it 8 times, it will break, and turns out be completely useless.[7] Link can purchase the Giant's Knife at any time, although there's a similar, but unbreakable, known as the Biggoron's Sword.


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