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Symbolism of awakening the Sages



These are the six unique Medallions that appear in Ocarina of Time. These are gifted to Link after he awakens one of the Sages from their respective temples. After Link has gathered all the medallions and awakened each of the Sages, the Sages then use their power to create a bridge which allows Link access to Ganon's Castle.

Light Medallion

Main article: Light Medallion

This is the first Medallion Link receives in the game. It is given to him directly after he pulls the Master Sword from the Temple of Time by the Sage of Light Rauru.

Forest Medallion

ForestMedallionG Large.png
Main article: Forest Medallion

This is the second Medallion that Link receives in Ocarina of Time. After Link has completed the Forest Temple he awakens the Forest Sage Saria. She then gifts Link with the Forest Medallion. Earlier in development, the Forest Medallion was originally known as the Wind Medallion and could have been equipped and functioned very similar to Farore's Wind.

Fire Medallion

Main article: Fire Medallion

The Fire Medallion is the third Medallion Link receives in the game. It is gifted to Link by Darunia after he has navigated through the Fire Temple and defeated the evil within, Volvagia.

Water Medallion

Main article: Water Medallion

The fourth Medallion that Link receives is the Water Medallion. It is given to Link after he has completed the Water Temple, by the Sage of Water Ruto.

Shadow Medallion

Main article: Shadow Medallion

This is the penultimate Medallion that Link receives in Ocarina of Time. It is gifted to him by the Sage of Shadow Impa after he has completed the Shadow Temple.

Spirit Medallion

Main article: Spirit Medallion

The Spirit Medallion is the final Medallion Link receives. It is given to Link by Nabooru after he has saved her from Twinrova in the Spirit Temple.