Ghost Shop

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Ghost Shop

The Ghost Shop is a location in Ocarina of Time. The owner is the Poe Collector.[1] After Ganondorf destroyed Hyrule Castle Town, the Poe Collector thought it was a perfect time to start a shop there. As a child, the shop is the Guard House, where Link finds a soldier who tells Link during the night that he is interested in ghosts. It is possible that the soldier and the Poe Collector are the same. This theory is reinforced by the Triforce on the Poe Collector's tunic. During the adult era, if Link gives the Poe Collector a Big Poe found outside in Hyrule Field, he puts 100 points on his card and grants him 50 Rupees.[2] After Link has received 1,000 points, the Poe Collector rewards him with an Empty Bottle.[3]



  1. " are quite an energetic young man. You're brave and handsome, too. Heh heh heh...your name is Link, isn't it. Heh heh he...don't be surprised. I can read people's minds. If I looked as good as you, I could run a different kind of business...heh he heh... My shop is the only Ghost Shop in Hyrule. Because of the great Ganondorf, it is a fine time for a business like this...heh heh heh... Oh...I can only hope the world gets even worse! The ghosts, called Poes, are spirits of concentrated hatred that appear in the fields and graveyard. They hate the world! Young man, if you catch a Poe, I will pay a lot of money for it... Heh heh hee!" — Poe Collector, Ocarina of Time.
  2. "Hey, young man. What's happening today? If you have a Poe, I will buy it. Your card now has points. Come back again! Heh heh heh!" — Poe Collector, Ocarina of Time.
  3. "Wait a minute! WOW! You have earned 1,000 points! Young man, you are a genuine Ghost Hunter! Is that what you expected me to say? Heh heh heh! Because of you, I have extra inventory of Big Poes, so this will be the last time I can buy a ghost. You're thinking about what I promised would happen when you earned 1,000 points. Heh heh. Don't worry, I didn't forget. Just take this." — Poe Collector, Ocarina of Time.