Rugged Horn

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Rugged Horn
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500 Rupees


Craft Boomeranger

The Rugged Horn is a material in Tri Force Heroes. It can be used at Madame Couture's to create the Boomeranger. It can be found in the Volcano. Specifically, it can be found in the following levels: Blazing Trail, Hinox Mine, Den of Flames, and Fire Temple.

Odds of receiving Rugged Horn by level and challenge

  • Blazing Trail
    • Evade the Wallmaster (1/3)
  • Hinox Mine
    • Clear within the time limit (1/3)
    • Don't pop any balloons (2/3)
  • Den of Flames
    • No challenge (1/3)
    • Avoid the volcanic rocks (2/3)
  • Fire Temple
    • Clear within the time limit (2/3)