Ancient Fin

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Ancient Fin




500 Rupees


Crafting the Dunewalker Duds and Ninja Gi
Selling for 100 Rupees

The Ancient Fin is a material in Tri Force Heroes. It can be used at Madame Couture's to create the Dunewalker Duds and the Ninja Gi. It can be found in The Dunes. Specifically, it can be found in the following levels: Infinity Dunes, Stone Corridors, and Gibdo Mausoleum.

Odds of receiving Ancient Fin by level and challenge

  • Infinity Dunes:
    • No challenge (1/3),
    • Guard the orb (2/3)
  • Stone Corridors:
    • Clear within the time limit (2/3)
  • Gibdo Mausoleum:
    • No challenge (2/3)