Bunnio's Wife

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Bunnio's Wife

Bunnio's Wife is a character featured in Spirit Tracks. She is the wife of Bunnio, the proprietor of Rabbitland Rescue, and lives in a house in Castle Town.


Bunnio's Wife takes part in a Force Gem side quest. This quest can only be done once Link has completed the Ocean Temple. After doing so, Bunnio's Wife will tell Link, if he goes to see her, that her rabbit-loving husband went out travelling and has still not returned, causing her to be worried about his whereabouts.[1] After making the connection to Bunnio from the Rabbitland Rescue station, Link can drive her to the station, which makes her very happy.[2] Upon her arrival, she admits to Link that she is very excited to see her husband again, and ponders what to say to him.[3][4] She ends up yelling at him so wearing that ridiculous outfit and for frolicing with the rabbits again.[5][6] After a mad attempt by her husband to clean things up,[7][8] she stomps off back to the train, yelling at Link to drive her home.[9] She also tells her husband that he can stay here and frolic with the bunnies forever, because she doesn't care anymore.[10] However, while Link is preparing to take her home, she changes her mind, saying she should learn to accept her husband and learn from him. She thanks Link for bringing her here, and gives him a Force Gem.[11]

This Force Gem reveals new tracks to the west of the Forest Sanctuary. These tracks hide two Grass Rabbits, allowing Link to go there and collect them.



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