Mercay Tavern

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Mercay Tavern

The Mercay Tavern is the Milk Bar of Mercay Island in Phantom Hourglass. It is a large red building with a blue roof found in the eastern half of Mercay Island. Sailors such as Linebeck usually come here.[1] However, Link cannot actually purchase Milk there because of his young age. Link and Ciela first come here to ask the Owner where Linebeck is, only to find that he has gone to the Temple of the Ocean King.[2]



  1. "What? You're searching for Linebeck? The captain usually drops anchor at the milk bar, but I haven't seen him in days. Perhaps the bar owner knows where Linebeck has vanished to." — Mercay Island Sailor, Phantom Hourglass.
  2. "Looking for Linebeck? Sure, I know him! And that chair there knew him recently! Linebeck just dashed out, saying he was off to the Temple of the Ocean King. I tried to stop that crazy fellow. But off he went to the north side of our isle." — Milk Bar Owner, Phantom Hourglass.