Mercay Island (Breath of the Wild)

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Mercay Island is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Mercay Island is the largest of the islands within the Millennio Sandbar, found within the Lanayru Wetlands. There is a large tree at the east side of the island, with a cave hidden behind it. In here, there are some enemy Bokoblin and Keese guarding a treasure chest which contains a Gold Rupee. Inside there are also a pair of Ore Deposits. A second enemy camp can be found at the north end of the island, with a number of Lizalfos who are guarding a Raft.

Just east of Mercay Island is a massive enemy base with a bunch of Lizalfos. There are multiple treasure chests here on land and in water, containing ten Arrows, an Opal gem, and a Soldier's Spear.

Side Quests

Special Delivery

Main article: Special Delivery

Mercay Island is where Sasan sits, waiting for Finley's delivery. Once Link reaches the island after guiding the letter downstream, a cutscene will play and Sasan will vanish, having gone to Zora's Domain.




Tears of the Kingdom

Mercay Island is the largest island found within the Lanayru Wetlands. In the center of the island itself, the Lanayru Wetlands Chasm can be found, leading down to the Depths.

Near the center of the island, there is a peak with Addison on it. Speak with him and use the nearby Boulders to hold up the Hudson Sign. The best strategy is to fuse two boulders together and in tandom, they will hold up the sign. Addison will reward Link with a Red Rupee, some Seafood Rice Balls, and a Bomb Flower. Just underneath where Addison is located, to the east, there is an entrance to a small cave that has some Blue Bokoblin and Keese. Inside there is a treasure chest which contains an Opal.

Southwest of the island, there are some Zonai Ruins that have fallen. On top of the ruins, there are some Ruins Rubble that can be pulled up with Ultrahand. Underneath there is a treasure chest which contains three Beam Emitters.

There is a smaller, unnamed island to the northwest that has numerous Bokoblin. There are a pair of wooden chests here, containing a Dragonbone Boko Bow and five Arrows.

Jonsau Shrine

Main article: Jonsau Shrine

The Jonsau Shrine, also known as Deep Force, requires Link to pull orbs underwater and release them. With the force from the water, they will launch up high in the air, hitting switches and removing obstacles, allowing to progress in the shrine and reach the altar.

Korok Seeds

  • At the west side of Goponga Island, there is a Korok who is trying to get reunited with his friend. His friend is found on Mercay Island. Pick him up and take him to his friend to get a pair of Korok Seeds.
  • Just west of Zelo Pond there is a Korok who wants to get reunited with his friend who is on Mercay Island. To cross the water, build a Raft by combining a Sail and a Board, and then attach the Korok to it. Place the raft in the water. Link can then create a guster, by attaching a Board to one of his weapons. Then while on the raft, Link can use the guster to guide the sale across the water. Once the two Koroks are reunited, Link will get a pair of Korok Seeds.



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