Mercay Island (Breath of the Wild)

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Mercay Island is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Mercay Island is the largest of the islands within the Millennio Sandbar, found within the Lanayru Wetlands. There is a large tree at the east side of the island, with a cave hidden behind it. In here, there are some enemy Bokoblin and Keese guarding a treasure chest which contains a Gold Rupee. Inside there are also a pair of Ore Deposits. A second enemy camp can be found at the north end of the island, with a number of Lizalfos who are guarding a Raft.

Just east of Mercay Island is a massive enemy base with a bunch of Lizalfos. There are multiple treasure chests here on land and in water, containing ten Arrows, an Opal gem, and a Soldier's Spear.