Fairy Fountain: Battlefield

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Fairy Fountain: Battlefield


Recommended Level Lv. 21 - Lv. 30:
Trial of the Great Fairies-4




Time Limited (series of short time limits, see text)






First Clear: Ethereal Stone (1), Fairy (5), Hearty Bass (5)
Great Fairies unlocked


Any unlocked warrior

Recommended Level

Lv. 29

"The party has traveled to Akkala in search of a Great Fairy. Their search has led them to a battlefield filled with rampaging monsters. Where could the Great Fairy be?"

— In-game description

Fairy Fountain: Battlefield is a challenge scenario of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, unlocked by completing the three initial challenges in the Trial of the Great Fairies.

The challenge is chaotic, with a series of short time limits within which an enemy or enemies must be defeated and a chest or chests with rupees collected. Once 2100 rupees have been collected, the final Great Fairy, Mija, will call the warrior to her bud. There, as with her sisters, she will take the rupees and challenge the warrior to defeat her. If they can, she will "lend [them her] power."

Defeating Mija will bring the Challenge to a successful conclusion, and unlock the Great Fairies as a composite playable character. Completing the challenge will unlock the Great Fairy Training challenge, as well as 10 different quests, related to the Great Fairies.

  • Victory Condition: Acquire the rupees → Reach the Targeted Position → Defeat Mija
  • Defeat Condition: Time runs out → No defeat conditions


  • Defeat the Blue Moblin (2:00)
  • Collect the rupees (increasing from 300 to 2100, see below)
    • Gather rupees (300, Blue Moblin, timer continues)
    • Defeat the Blue Moblin (1:30)
    • Gather rupees (+300, timer continues)
    • Defeat the Black Moblin (1:00)
    • Gather rupees (+300, timer continues)
    • Defeat the Ice Moblin (1:00)
    • Gather rupees (+300, timer continues)
    • Defeat the Electric Moblin and key enemies! (Electric Moblin and Black Moblin; 1:30)
    • Gather rupees (+900, timer continues)
  • Head to the Targeted Position (no timer)
  • Defeat Mija

Challenges & Quests Unlocked