Trial of the Ancients

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Trial of the Ancients


Recommended Level Lv. 31 - Lv. 40:
Challenge 8





Time Limited



First Clear: Ethereal Stone (1), Star Fragment (2), Diamond (1), Random Weapon


Any Unlocked Hero

Recommended Level

Lv. 38

"The party is guided by a mysterious voice. Who could be waiting for them?"

— In-game description

Trial of the Ancients is a challenge scenario of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, unlocked by completing The Trial of Monsters, The Trial of Stones, and The Trial of the Mighty Foe quests. The challenge takes place within a shrine and the hero will need to defeat Monk Maz Koshia in the allocated 3-minutes of time.

Completing the challenge will unlock Monk Maz Koshia as a playable hero. It will unlock the Monk's Training challenge, including numerous quests, including Trial of Dah Hesho, Trial of Soh Kofi, Trial of Ke'nai Shakah, Trial of Muwo Jeem, Trial of Tutsuwa Nima, Trial of Pumaag Nitae, Trial of Noya Neha, Trial of Shoqa Tatone, Trial of Sasa Kai, Trial of Goma Asaagh, and the Trial of Saas Ko'sah.

  • Victory Condition: Defeat Monk Maz Koshia
  • Defeat Condition: Time runs out


  • Defeat Monk Maz Koshia