Miss Vai Battle Pageant

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Miss Vai Battle Pageant


Recommended Level Lv. 61 - Lv. 70:
Challenge 6



Restricted Allies
Time Limited


Battlefield-Specific Materials


First Clear: Ethereal Stone (1), Gerudo Veil, Gerudo Top, Gerudo Sirwal, Random Weapon


Any Warrior Other Than Link, Revali, Teba, Master Kohga, or King Rhoam

Recommended Level

Lv. 65

"Contestants from all across Hyrule gather in Gerudo Town to face off in the Miss Vai competition. The contest begins now!"

— In-game description

Miss Vai Battle Pageant is a challenge scenario of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, unlocked by completing Hyrule's Greatest Warrior challenge.

Play as any female, or gender ambiguous warrior and go through a boss gauntlet, taking on the Miss Vai contenders. You will need to face off with Impa, Urbosa, Riju, Mipha, and Zelda. If one of these warriors are being used, Tera will be a boss in their place. After they all are defeated, Link will appear, disguised in the Gerudo Clothes.

  • Victory Condition: Defeat the Miss Vai contenders
  • Defeat Condition: Time runs out


  • Defeat the Miss Vai contenders (6, 10:00)