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Spinch is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Spinch travels alongside his horse, who is also named Spinch. They travel together along the path, leading from the Lakeside Stable to Lurelin Village. Neither of the two like the rain and when it does rain, they will stop at the nearest dry spot until the rain passes.[1][2][3] Spinch loves the fish at Lurelin so much that it make him consider settling down.[4]

Spinch likes talking to Link about a wide variety of topics revolving around horses, including archery skills while on horseback, as well as the cool acrobatic ways of mounting a horse from the front.[5][6] Spinch also talks about the varies types of horses, how they very in size and strength.[7]

When traveling across the Atun Valley, just north of Tuft Mountain, Spinch will mention Lover's Pond to the south. It is the small lake that is shaped like a heart and is where people go to find love.[8][9]


  1. I'm Spinch! My horse is also named Spinch! We both hate the rain. - Spinch
  2. Yee-haw! My name is Spinch! This is my horse, Spinch! That's right-same name! Is it confusing? I don't care! Spinch and I are taking a ride out to Lurelin Village! Hi-hooooo! - Spinch
  3. Spinch and I are taking a little gallop out to Lurelin Village! Heigh-hooooo! - Spinch
  4. Lurelin Village has some of the best, most tasty fish! King of makes me and Spinch want to settle down here! - Spinch
  5. Yee-haw! Let me share a little Spinch wisdom with you! If you want to take down monsters wile riding on horseback, you've got to really practice your archery skills! - Spinch
  6. Yee-haw! Let me teach you something! You'll have to do a really sweet acrobatic move if you try to mount a horse from the front. So cool! - Spinch
  7. Horses vary in size and strength! Find one that suits you and make it your own! - Spinch
  8. Hahaha! There, there! You're pretty well informed for a horse, you know! Spinch says if you head south, you'll find a heart-shaped pond. Apparently that's where you find love! - Spinch
  9. South of here is a heart-shaped pond that is apparently a great place to find love! - Spinch