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Haite is a character from Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Haite is a young child who lives at the Outskirt Stable and she is taken care of by Myti, a grown woman who also lives at the table. She wakes up each morning at 7am, where she will then run around near where the horses are. When Link asks what she is doing, she tells him that she is playing, and asks Link if he wants to play.[1] She will run around all morning and afternoon, only coming into the stable if it starts to rain.[2][3]

At 5pm each day, Haite will join Myti at the Cooking Pot, she will eat dinner.[4] She eats vegetables because she wants to become big and strong as she grows older.[5] Haite will remain by the cooking pot until 9pm each evening, before then heading back into the stable to head off to bed.[6]



  1. Playing tag! You want to play? - Haite
  2. Splash splosh! - Haite
  3. I wish the rain would stop. - Haite
  4. So hungry! - Haite
  5. I eat vegetables 'cause I wanna be big and strong! - Haite
  6. Gonna sleep! - Haite