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Phanna is a character from Breath of the Wild.


Phanna can be founding tending to the horses over at the Highland Stable. She loves horses and will be willing to customize any of Link's horses that he has registered over at a stable. However, she will only customize a horse if Link has a good bond with it and has shown it a lot of love.[1][2]

When Link talks to her with one of his horses nearby, she offers to change her Mane, Gear, or Saddle.[3] The various Mane options are set, where Link will need to acquire various Saddles and Bridles on his journey. The various Saddles and Bridles that Link can give to his horse to wear are purely cosmetic, with the exception of the Ancient Saddle and Ancient Bridle. All other combinations are cosmetic, and Phanna will complement any set that you create, encouraging you to come back if you'd like to change your horses gear.[4]

Phanna will adjust adjust the mane, gear, or saddle, of any of Link's horses with the exception of Epona, as well as the Giant Horse, if Link has caught one as part of the Hunt for the Giant Horse quest. The Giant Horse is too large and Phanna doesn't have any equipment to fit the size of the horse. Additionally, she doesn't think it would like it if its mane was messed with.[5]

While most of the residents of the Highland Stable will run inside while it is raining, Phanna can be found tending to the horses regardless of the weather. Furthermore, she never takes any time off to sleep, and is tending to the horses 24-hours a day.



  1. Oh, but you should know I'm only interested in horses that are raised with lots of love! How's your horse faring on that front? - Phanna
  2. Wow! This on'es eyes are positively sparkling with affection! I can tell this little one is just head over heels for you. That settles it! I'll gladly help you out with some gear! - Phanna
  3. Hell there, traveler. Welcome to our table. You will stay awhile, won't you? Oh? Oooh... That's a mighty fine horse you have there. If you're interested, may I help you change your horses's gear or mane? - Phanna
  4. That looks great! Please come back anytime you feel like changing your horse's gear! - Phanna
  5. If you like, I change out its gear or maybe... Oh? My goodness, that's no pony, is it? It's so big! I'm sorry, but I don't think I have any gear that'd fit such a large horse, and I bet it wouldn't like its mane handled... I'm so sorry about that. - Phanna