Guchini Plain

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Guchini Plain is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Guchini Plain is a large area found just over the hill, east of the Highland Stable in the Lake Tower region. The plain encompasses the Guchini Plain Barrows, found at the east side of the region.

There are several large pillar structures sticking out from the ground in the Guchini Plain and surrounding areas. The northwest most pillar has a treasure chest containing five Shock Arrows. The pillar just west of the Herin Lake has a small tree stump that creates a yellow circle to the northeast. Link will need to reach it in time to get the Korok. The pillar at the east end of the plain has a treasure chest that contains a Boomerang.

The forest is densely populated with enemy Forest Octoroks that create quite an annoyance for Link. Additionally, there are some hidden Treasure Octorok that occasionally appear. In the even hours, Stalkoblin appear, along with some Electric Keese.

At the northwest part of the plain, there is a small pond and it has a circle of rocks in it. Toss a rock into it to get a Korok Seed. A second Korok can be found just to the east, under a large slab that can be moved using Stasis. The small pond also has a trio of treasure chests, containing an Amber gem, Ruby gem, and a Silver Rupee.

There are two more treasure chests in the area, one just north of the Herin Lake, underneath a large slab and it contains a Soldier's Spear. A second one can be found just east of the northwest pillar, and it is also underneath a slab that can be moved. This treasure chest contains a Phrenic Bow. Given the awkward location of the slab above the treasure chest, this one can only be removed by dropping Octo Balloons, which will grab the slab and lift it away.




Nearby Korok Seeds

This race begins at the even taller pillar to the southwest, glide and climb to the ring.

Southwest from this location is a taller pillar with a seed platform. Step on it, trigger the puzzle, and run through the glowing ring appearing at this location. Energizing food may be required for climbing.