Barula Plain

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Barula Plain

The Barula Plain is a location found in Breath of the Wild.


Breath of the Wild

The Barula Plain is located just southeast of the Lake Tower and east of the Menoat River. It is a rather baron area, with no vegetation and very little animal life. There are numerous Green Lizalfos in the area, including a few Blue Lizalfos, mostly on the sloped areas that look downward to the north. Additionally, some Mountain Goats or some Pink Heron and Blue-Winged Heron will appear.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Dive into the circle.

Leap into the ring of flower lilies.

This race platform starts far to the southeast, on the peak above the Ka'o Makagh Shrine. Race to the ring for the seed.

Start at the peak above the Ka'o Makagh Shrine, and race to the seed.

Roll the boulder to the hole.

Roll the boulder to the hole. Stasis might help in giving it a little nudge, but don't overdo it.