Parache Plains

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Parache Plains is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Parache Plains is a location just southwest of the Lake Tower and Lake Hylia, just east of the Zokassa Ridge.

At the northwest part of the plain, there is a Bokoblin treehouse, with contains some Red and Blue Bokoblin, as well as a Blue Lizalfos. There is a treasure chest at the top of the camp and it contains a Fisherman's Shield]].

There are a trio of Koroks to be found within the plains. At the southwest part of the area, there are five statues with offering plates and one of them is missing an Apple. Place an apple to get the Korok Seed. Just north of the Mounted Archery Camp there is a yellow flower that Link can collect and it leads up to a series of flowers leading to the peak of a hill to find another Korok. Just northwest of the hill peak, there is tree stump with a leaf. Step on it and a yellow circle will appear at the Bokoblin camp to the woods in the northwest. Reach the yellow circle in time to get another Korok Seed.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Offer an apple to the offering bowl that's missing one.

Drop an apple in the offering bowl.

The seed platform is on a ledge to the southeast. Glide and run to the ring. Note the many monsters you may encounter, as the ring is at the top of the stronghold.

The stump here is to the southwest. Clear out the enemies first if desired, then hike to the ring.

Follow the trail of flowers starting from slightly south.

The trail of flowers starts just north of the Mounted Archery Camp and heads uphill.

Tears of the Kingdom

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