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Cora Lake is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Cora Lake is located directly south of the Lake Tower. Water from the Cora Lake flows into the Menoat River and eventually out into the Faron Sea. Within the water itself, there are some Armored Porgy and Mighty Porgy swimming around, along with some Hearty Blueshell Snails that will occasionally wash up. There are some enemy Water Octoroks and Blue Lizalfos in the area as well.



Nearby Korok Seeds

The rock needed to complete this x-shaped puzzle is hidden in a nearby bush to the east. If you have a weapon that cuts grass/bushes, this will make it much easier to find.

Check the nearby clump of bushes for the hidden rock, and complete the pattern.

Look for a small ledge jutting out of the rock face with a rock on it approximately halfway up the wall.

Pick up the rock.


This one is very hard to see. The metal cube is underwater in a hole between the islands, but can only be seen from certain angles (look down where the arrow is in the picture). It's a lot easier to see if you look at Link from top down and use magnesis. Then take it to the block puzzle on the cliff, which can be hard to spot. It's on the north side of the cliff, towards the Lake Tower. Use cryonis to help you find the puzzle. Here's a tip about finding the cube. If you can't spot it from dry land, place a Cryonis block in the water, climb onto it and look around with Magnesis on. If you still can't spot the cube, place another ice block in a different spot, move to it, and look around again. Keep placing ice blocks, moving to them, and looking around. Eventually you will get to a spot where the cube can be seen from.First, find the cube under the water, then solve the Magnesis block puzzle. Will need use Cryonis to get close enough to the puzzle.

Tears of the Kingdom

Cora Lake can be found near the south end of Hyrule, directly south of the Bridge of Hylia. At the west end of the the Lake, the Cora Lakefront Cave can be found, which connects with Lake Hylia to the north.

Water flows south of Lake Hylia, beneath the Cora Lakefront Cave, and into Cora Lake. From there it flows southward down the Menoat River and eventually into the Faron Sea.

Korok Seeds

  • Near the west end of Cora Lake, by the entrance to the Cora Lakefront Cave, there is a higher ledge sticking. Climb up and lift the rock here to get a Korok Seed.
  • North of Cora Lake, there are a series of rocks sticking out of the ground. Collect the series of flowers to get the Korok Seed.


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