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Breath of the Wild
Rito Village
Tears of the Kingdom
Tabantha Bridge Stable (temporarily)
Rito Village


Laissa (Sister)

Bedoli is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Bedoli is a Rito, residing in Rito Village. She lives with Laissa at their home, located right near the Akh Va'quot Shrine.

Bedoli is a bit stressed by the presence of Divine Beast Vah Medoh up in the sky. Every time she looks up she sighs, wondering when she'll be able to go back to living a relaxed life.[1][2]

Bedoli wakes up at 5am each morning and walks over to the large deck, not far from her home. She paces back and forth all day, before heading back home to get some sleep after 9pm.[3]

Tears of the Kingdom

Early on, Bedoli can be found over at the Tabantha Bridge Stable, where she is gathering supplies from Banji. Due to the Blizzard conditions at Rito Village, merchants are not able to make it to the village.[4][5] Banji is happy to help out by gathering materials, packed up, and ready to give to the Rito to carry home.[6][7] Bedoli doesn't know when the conditions are going to improve at Rito Village, so she's very grateful for the help she can get.[8][9]

Fish for Fletching

Main article: Fish for Fletching

After the blizzard, Bedoli can be found in Rito Village managing the food and materials. She thanks Link for helping Tulin save the village.[10][11]

She remembers that Huck was going to bring in some more food from Snowfield Stable, but he has not yet arrived.[12] She asks Link if he has any food he can trade with.[13] She wants three Glowing Cave Fish, which she will give Link ten Arrows for.[14] This ask will begin the Fish for Fletching side quest.

After Link gives her the three fish, she will give Link 10 arrows.[15][16] This will complete the quest.

Bedoli is sitll looking for some Chillfin Trout and Brightcaps. If Link brings her some of them, she'll give Link some more arrows.[17] Bedoli also encourages Link to take any of the Wood or Flint that is no longer needed, since the Blizzard is over.[18] She'll over 10 arrows in exhcange for 3 Chillfin Trout.[19][20] She'll offer 10 arrows in exhcange for five brightcaps.[21]



  1. Good morning! Say, traveler... I take it you've seen Divine Beast Vah Medoh? Everyone is at a loss as to what to do... I can't help but sigh every time I look skyward. When will we be able to go back to living a relaxed life here? - Bedoli
  2. Hello. There have been a lot of troubled faces around here ever since Divine Beast Vah Medoh appeared. - Bedoli
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