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Fronk (Husband)
Keye (Son)
Tumbo (Son)

Mei is a Zora from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Breath of the Wild

Mei is the wife of Fronk, who panics when she disappears after fishing in Zora's River in the wake of the floods caused by Divine Beast Vah Ruta running out of control, triggering the A Wife Washed Away side quest.

She can be found near Hylia Island in Lake Hylia, after Waterblight Ganon's defeat, having been swept down there by the swell of water. When found, she is remarkably unconcerned about the situation, simply enjoying finding the rare fish in the lake to sell at the Coral Reef store back in Zora's Domain.

Bringing Fronk's name up to her leads her to suddenly realise how long she's been away, and how worried Fronk and her children must be. Panicking, she gives Link five Staminoka Bass and rushes back home.

Back in Zora's Domain, and having been scolded by Fronk for worrying him so, she can be found lying bored at the base of a waterfall. She complains about having been banned from "wandering about any more for a while", and wants to work, but decides to let him "take care of things for a while [and] try to take it easy."