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Breath of the Wild
Zora's Domain
Tears of the Kingdom
Zora's Domain


Fronk (Father)
Mei (Mother)
Keye (Brother)

Tumbo is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Tumbo is a child Zora who can be found running around Zora's Domain with his brother Keye. Throughout the day Tumbo can be seen running around Mipha's statue at the lower level of the domain. He is missing his mother, Mei, who has gone missing. Ever since the Divine Beast Vah Ruta started acting up, his mother hasn't come back, and Tumbo is a bit worried. Initially when he meets Link, he thinks Link looks a bit weird, since he's a Hylian.[1] When he finds out he came from far away, he wonders if Link has seen his mother.[2][3] Despite being concerned about his mother, Tumbo always says that he's a bit busy.[4]

After 4pm, Tumbo and his brother will head over to their father, Fronk. He mentions to Link that he can come hang out, but that Link will be bored to tears.[5] Tumbo's father is Dento's apprentice and he works on repairing various objects around Zora's Domain.[6] Tumbo will be waiting for his father to finish up work, which doesn't happen until 8pm.[7] After 8pm, Tumbo will travel with his brother and father to head to bed at the back of Zora's Domain.[8] He sleeps right beside his brother in one of the small ponds.

Tears of the Kingdom

Tumbo can be found in the throne room with his brother Keye and mother Mei. He asks his mom if they can go out yet to see the Sludge washed away. Mei assertedly says no, and that they cannot do so until Lady Yona says it is okay. Keye agrees that the sludge is dangerous.



  1. What is it?! Oh! Hey, mister! You've got a weird face! - Tumbo
  2. Hy...leon? Never met one of those before! If you're a Hy-leon, that means you came from really far away, right?! You didn't happen to see my mom, Mei, on the way here, did you? Ever since the water monster went crazy, Mom hasn't come home...But, I mean, I bet she'll come home sooner or later... Hopefully sooner. - Tumbo
  3. My mom, Mei, has been gone ever since that water monster went nuts. But I'm pretty sure her work is just taking longer than usual. I bet she'll come home any day now! - Tumbo
  4. Heya, mister! I'm busy! - Tumbo
  5. You can hang out with me if you want, but you'll probably be bored to tears! - Tumbo
  6. My dad, Fronk, is Dento's apprentice! He fixes up places around the domain... It's super cool! - Tumbo
  7. Heya, mister! I'm waiting for Dad to finish working! - Tumbo
  8. So sleepy... I should go to bed... - Tumbo