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Tamana (Mother)

Teebo is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Teebo lives in Hateno Village with his mother, Tamana, who can be found raising Cuccos. They live at the northwest side of town, just north of the Ventest Clothing Boutique. He wakes up at 8am each morning and during the daytime, Teebo can be seen running around near the west entrance of Hateno Village. When Link speaks with Teebo he will ask Link he'll state that he found something near and asks Link to follow him.[1] Teebo will run to the southwest part of town, near the Firly Pond.[2]

Teebo will lead Link to the Horned Statue. He mentions that it looks just like the Goddess Statue located just outside of the Chiefs home.[3]

After Link talks to the Horned Statue, Teebo will be confused, asking if Link was talking to the statue. After admitting that he was, Teebo will get excited, while still calling Link weird.[4] Teebo will then run off and play in the main part of town again. He will run around oto various locations, kneeling down and examining what is on the ground. He continues doing this throughout much of the day, only returning home after 8pm each evening.[5][6]

The Statue's Bargain

Main article: The Statue's Bargain

Link can talk to the Horned Statue to begin The Statue's Bargain side quest where he can trade a Heart Container for a Stamina Vessel, or vice versa.[7][8]


  1. Hey, mister! You'll never guess what I found! Wanna see? 'Kay! Follow me! - Teebo
  2. It's this way! - Teebo
  3. Here it is! Neat, huh? It looks kinda like the statue at the chief's house... What do you think it is? - Teebo
  4. Um... Were you talking to that statue? Wow! You talk to statues?! Weird! OK. See you! - Teebo
  5. You should go home to your own bed. - Teebo
  6. I'm sleepy. G'night... - Teebo
  7. No, eh? Fa ha ha... If you say so. Just know that I'm willing to strike a bargain with anyone who can hear my voice. A dealer in life and power... That was me, once. Alas, my life-for-money bargains didn't sit well with the Goddess Hylia. She trapped me in this stone statue long, long ago. The villagers here call me the Horned Statue and don't even bother to wipe away the bird droppings. One would think years upon years of such treatment would have made me mend my ways... One would think wrongly. I have only been biding my time for the moment someone who can hear me appears. Someone such as you. But I've said enough. Now then, shall we strike a bargain? Then stay that way. No further action on your part is required. - Horned Statue
  8. Fa ha ha... My touch is as subtle as ever... Note how I took that essence from you without leaving a mark. - Horned Statue