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Chabi is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Chabi can be found in the Shadow Pass, just north of the South Akkala Stable. She is being attacked by an enemy Blue Bokoblin and will try to fend the monster off with her Traveler's Sword and Hunter's Shield. If Link defeats the Bokoblin, Chabi will thank him and will reward him with a gift of some Monster Extract.[1] Chabi explains that the Monster Extract comes from Kilton, the shop owner of the Fang and Bone. Chabi has an interest in Kilton and wants to meet him, but finds that he is a hard person to track down. She hints to Link that Kilton can often be found over at the Skull Lake, located at the north end of Akkala.[2]

After clearing out the Bokoblin that is attacking Chabi, she will sit down under a tree within the Shadow Pass. She will continue to talk about Kilton and how much of a weirdo he is because he loves monsters that much.[3]

If rescued after Link has met Kilton, she will say he can be found "all over the place now, not just Akkala... The creepiest part of the stories is how he's supposed to pop up out of nowhere once night falls." She's no longer certain she wants to meet him at this point.



  1. Well, you sure made that simpler than it would've been otherwise. I should do something to thank you, I suppose. - Chabi
  2. So you're probably wondering what that stuff is. It's called monster extract. A guy named Kilton brews this stuff up at Fang and Bone. It's a kind of flavoring that makes any food taste amazing. I know it's made of monsters, but it's good stuff. There are some weird stories going around about that Kilton character. He's obsessed with monsters. They say he does all kinds of hair-raising research with them and came up with a bunch of strange stuff as a result. I kind of want to meet him at least once to see if the rumors are true, but he's a hard guy to track down. One source I trust says he's most often found at a skull-shaped lake in Akkala, but I don't know the place. - Chabi
  3. Kilton at Fang and Bone is way more interested in researched monsters than any normal person should be. I'd kind of like to meet him just to see what kind of weirdo loves monsters THAT much. The most reliable tip I've heard for meeting him is to hang around a skull-shaped lake out near Akkala. - Chabi