Great Plateau Foothill Cave

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Great Plateau Foothill Cave is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The is directly south of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower, at the base of the Great Plateau. Entering the cave requires breaking a thick wall of fragile Red Sediment. There are numerous small Rocks just outside the cave that Link can fuse a weapon with to be able to break the boulders. Alternatively, Bomb Flowers can be used to blow up the cave entrance.

Two Black Horriblins are located inside the cave, one of which is carrying a Rock Sledge. The Bubbulfrog is located behind a Blue Sediment wall, which cannot be broken with bombs, only with brute force weapons or Yunobo's Power of Fire.

Just outside of the cave, Addison can be seen holding up a Hudson sign. Link can use the nearby Hyrule Restoration Materials to keep the sign up. As a reward, Addison will give Link a Red Rupee, some Mushroom Rice Balls, and a Bomb Flower.

Kyokugon Shrine

Main article: Kyokugon Shrine

Just beyond the horriblins, the Kyokugon Shrine can be behind long, thick wall of Black Sediment. The shrine, titled Alignment of the Circles, requires Link to place orbs in their holes, corresponding with the green lights on the ceiling.


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