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Kagoron is one of the Gorons found in Spirit Tracks.

Spirit Tracks

Kagoron functions as a mystic of sorts in the Goron Village.[1][2] He awards Link with a Freight Car for the Spirit Train when the first two meet. This assists in hauling Mega Ice from Anouki Village.[3] Later, when Link visits the Dark Ore Mine, he receives a map from Kagoron. This map, shaped like a Goron face, points Link in the direction of a treasure, 500 Rupees.[4][5]


  1. "Kagoron is the mountain goddess's messenger. He is praying at her altar for a stop to the volcano's outbursts." — Goron, Spirit Tracks.
  2. "Kagoron does not tolerate fibbing! I am the mountain goddess's messenger. I am untrickable! All you engineers have the same look in your eyes! I can see it in yours." — Kagoron, Spirit Tracks.
  3. "This is the favor I require of you, young stranger. Use the freight car to bring back something cold enough to cool the lava. Go talk to the merchants in the various villages. They may be able to help you." — Kagoron, Spirit Tracks.
  4. "Here is a map I drew as a young Goron. Use it to find some treasure I hid in the Dark Ore Mine as a young one." — Kagoron, Spirit Tracks.
  5. "I cannot remember where I hid it. The hints on the map might help you find it though. Hope to see you soon! Kagoron" — Kagoron, Spirit Tracks.