Dodoh's High Dive

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Dodoh's High Dive





20 Rupees


Dodoh's High Dive is a Mini-Game that appears in Skyward Sword. It is situated on Fun Fun Island and is run by the fun-enthusiastic Dodoh. Link isn't able to access the mini-game until he has fixed the Ancient Robot, Scrapper, and after the young hero has reached the Isle of Songs.


Link is tasked with finding and retrieveing the lost Party Wheel, which can be found in the southern section of the Lanayru Province. After the hero finds the missing part, the mini-game is now unlocked and Link gets a half off discount as a reward. In this game Link is launched into the air by a powerful cannon. Link must then dive effectively through the air and land on one of the Rupee tiles below.

Once Link is in the air, gigantic balls appear with Dodoh's face on them, which act as an obstacle. These are appropriately called Dodoh balls, for every Dodoh ball Link hits, a negative is added to the amount of Rupees he gains from the dive. If Link dodges them all, he gets a times ten modifier. The ground that Link is trying to land on continuously spins, making it hard to predict where he lands. If Link manages to collect a 10 times multiplier while landing on the 50 Rupee tile, he is rewarded with a Piece of Heart plus 500 Rupees.