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Availability and Rarity

Ring locations from common sources aren't terribly well documented. There's also the issue of rarity which may or may not be affected by how the ring is obtained. I'm looking at the Treasure Chest Game, Maple, Gasha Trees, and Fortune Link as sources for a variety of rings with little understanding of their intricacies. Do different prize levels of the Treasure Chest Game yield different rarity rings? Do different Maple encounters or Gasha Tree locations or growth durations yield different rarity rings? Do all rings even fall into defined rarity tiers? I'll be using the below sections to document my findings, but I don't want to embark on a long-winded experimental investigation, so I'd appreciate if others also add in any rings they get from these sources (please be certain and accurate). << Locke(T·C) >> 19:16, July 25, 2013 (CDT)

I've determined that Maple's drops and flight pattern are independent (using save states and RNG abuse), so for now I'm replacing that enumeration with which side of the screen her shadow comes in on. This distinction seems slightly more likely to matter, since I've determined that the drops are determined upon entering the screen, and she usually but not always appears from the right (every once in a while from the left). Nothing conclusive on this new distinction yet though. << Locke(T·C) >> 21:13, July 26, 2013 (CDT)

Found a guide that lists the tiers (which match up with what I've found so far and I trust the rest is accurate) and some info on Gasha Trees and Maple. Unfortunately Fortune Link is still a mystery, and I don't have GBCs. << Locke(T·C) >> 12:06, July 28, 2013 (CDT)


Ring Tier Treasure Chest Game Maple Fortune Link
Blue Holy Ring 1 1 yes
Blue Luck Ring 1 1 yes
Cursed Ring 1 1 yes
Green Holy Ring 1 1 yes
Octo Ring 1 1 yes
Red Holy Ring 1 1 yes
Like Like Ring 1 yes
Moblin Ring 1
Fist Ring 2 2
Quicksand Ring 2 2 yes
Red Luck Ring 2 2 yes yes
Whisp Ring 2 2 yes yes
Zora Ring 2 2 yes yes
Maple's Ring 2 yes
Toss Ring 2 yes
Roc's Ring 2 yes
Gasha Ring 3 3 yes
Heart Ring L-2 3 3 yes yes
Peace Ring 3 3 yes yes
Power Ring L-2 3 3 yes
Red Joy Ring 3 3 yes yes
Whimsical Ring 3 yes
Protection Ring 3 yes
Charge Ring 4
Dbl. Edge Ring 4 yes
Bombproof Ring 4 yes
Energy Ring 4 yes
Expert's Ring 4
First Gen Ring 4 yes
Green Ring 5
Rang Ring L-2 5

Treasure Chest Game

  • Level 1 (3 chests)
    • Blue Holy Ring (x5)
    • Blue Luck Ring (x2)
    • Cursed Ring (x4)
    • Green Holy Ring (x2)
    • Octo Ring (x5)
    • Red Holy Ring (x2)
  • Level 2 (4 chests)
    • Fist Ring (x4)
    • Quicksand Ring (x2)
    • Red Luck Ring (x3)
    • Whisp Ring (x3)
    • Zora Ring
  • Level 3 (5 chests)
    • Gasha Ring (x3)
    • Heart Ring L-2
    • Peace Ring (x6)
    • Power Ring L-2 (x2)
    • Red Joy Ring (x2)


    • Heart Ring L-2
    • Peace Ring
    • Power Ring L-2
    • Protection Ring
    • Quicksand Ring
    • Red Joy Ring
    • Red Luck Ring
    • Roc's Ring
    • Whimsical Ring
    • Whisp Ring
    • Zora Ring

Gasha Tree

    • Charge Ring
    • Dbl. Edge Ring
    • Red Joy Ring
    • Red Luck Ring
    • Whimsical Ring

Fortune Link