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Gasha Tree
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Grows Gasha Nuts


The Gasha Tree is an item found in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. They are sprouted Gasha Seeds that will grow a Gasha Nut as Link defeats enemies. The various prizes from a Gasha Tree are Seed Rings, a Piece of Heart, Recovery Hearts, Fairies, Rupees, and Potions.

Depending on the tree's location, a Magical Ring appraised from the Seed Ring found in a Gasha Nut will fall into a certain range of rarity tiers.[1]

Oracle of Seasons
Location Tiers
Horon Village, Mayor Ruul's Residence 1-2
North Horon, above Impa's Refuge 1-2
Woods of Winter 1-2
Temple Remains, entrance 1-3
Holodrum Plain, riverside 1-3
Spool Swamp, near the Floodgate 1-2
Spool Swamp, southwest corner 1-3
Eyeglass Lake, next to Unicorn's Cave 2-4
Sunken City 1-2
Holodrum Plain, small island 1-3
Goron Mountain base, close to Temple Remains 3-5
Mt. Cucco base 1-2
Mt. Cucco (Autumn), near the Flying Rooster 2-4
Tarm Ruins 3-5
Samasa Desert 1-3
Western Coast, below the Yoll Graveyard 1-2
Oracle of Ages
Location Tiers
Lynna Village, Toilet (Past) 1-2
Yoll Graveyard (Present) 2-4
Talus Peaks, east of Restoration Wall (Past) 2-4
South Shore (Past) 1-2
Crescent Island, on the hill in the south (Present) 2-4
Crescent Island, small island in the northeast (Present) 2-4
Nuun Highlands, northwest corner (Present) 2-4
Fairies' Woods, southwest corner (Tune of Currents required) (Present) 1-2
Rolling Ridge Base (Past) 1-3
Rolling Ridge, near the treasure digging Goron (Past) 1-3
Rolling Ridge, south of Target Carts (Present) 1-3
Crescent Island, below the one-eyed Tokay statue (Past) 3-5
Talus Peaks, peak (Tune of Ages required) (Past) 1-2
Talus Peaks, small hill (Tune of Ages required) (Present) 1-3
Zora Village, southwest corner (Past) 2-4
Sea of Storms (Linked Game only) (Present) 3-5


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