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Plen Secret


Acquire Autumn Season

Learned from


Told to




The Plen Secret is a Secret from Oracle of Seasons used within Oracle of Ages. Link first needs to complete Oracle of Ages and start a Linked Game record of Oracle of Seasons.

Learn the Secret

The secret is first heard from a Golden Subrosian, found in the Lava Lake. Link will first need to have acquired the Bomb Flower in the Lava Lake and used it to get the Autumn season. After Link has done so, he can return to where he got the Bomb Flower and he'll find a Subrosian. The Subrosian here thanks Mayor Plen for doing so much to help him and asks Link to tell him a secret.[1]

Tell the Secret

The secret is told to Mayor Plen, found in Lynna City. He refers to the Golden Subrosian as the oddly dressed out-of-towner.[2]


Telling the secret to Mayor Plen rewards Link with a Seed Ring.[3] When appraised, this ring becomes the Spin Ring. When equipped, it allows Link to spin twice during a Spin Attack.

In order to get the Spin Ring reward in Oracle of Seasons, Link will need to talk to the Red Snake in Vasu Jewelers. Chose 'Ask' and the Red Snake will give Link a password. Jot the password down and then return to Vasu Jewelers in Horon Village. Speak with the Red Snake once again, but this time choose 'Say'. Input the password and this will bring over all of the rings Link has in Oracle of Ages including the Spin Ring.



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