Dark Link (A Link to the Past)

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Dark Link




Four Dark Links serve as the boss of the Palace of the Four Sword. This is an optional dungeon that is only found in the Game Boy Advance port of A Link to the Past. The four Dark Links each have a distinctive color tunic that corresponds to the four colors of Link from Four Swords.

Boss Battle

Link battles the four Dark Links one at a time, with Dark Green Link being the first. He uses the Dash Attack as he tries to harm Link and he jumps away if Link tries to slash him with his sword. Link can use the Spin Attack as a means of harming Dark Link. Another method to harming Dark Link is to wait until he dashes into the wall and then quickly slash him before he can recover.

The second phase has Link face off with Dark Red Link. This phase of Dark Link can also use the Pegasus Boots, but he gains the new ability of using the Hurricane Spin, which can be difficult to avoid. The third phase features Dark Blue Link. He can still use the Pegasus Boots and the Hurricane Spin, but he now gains the additional ability of being able to leap into the air and perform a Down Thrust. Blue Dark Link also has the Magic Cape, allowing him to become invincible for a short period of time.

The final phase has Link take on Dark Purple Link. This final form retains all the previous attacks, but now has the ability to shoot a quick Sword Beam out of his sword. The beam shoots out very quickly and can be difficult to avoid.