A Link to the Past Bosses

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ArmosKnight.png Armos KnightSix Armos Knights are the boss of the first dungeon in the Light World, the Eastern Palace. They move around in different formations trying to cause contact damage. They can be defeated with the sword. However, using the Bow & Arrows will defeat them much quicker. When only one remains, it will turn red and attack more aggressively by attempting to leap directly on top of Link.
Lanmola-ALTTP-Sprite.png LanmolaThree Lanmolas are the boss of the second dungeon in the Light World, the Desert Palace. Rocks are thrown in multiple directions when they emerge from the sand, causing damage on contact. Use the Bow & Arrows or the Ice Rod to make short work of them.
Moldorm-ALTTP-Sprite.png MoldormMoldorm is the boss of the third dungeon in the Light World, the Tower of Hera. Moldorm scurries randomly around the room trying to knock Link off the edge to the floor below. Strike him in his tail with the sword to damage him. When he is nearly defeated, he will move faster.
Agahnim-ALTTP-Sprite.png AgahnimAgahnim is the boss of the Hyrule Castle Tower. Direct contact or attacks to him will damage you. Link must use the Master Sword to knock his energy balls back at him to hurt him. Alternatively, you can use the Bug-Catching Net on the energy balls, but it is far less accurate.
HelmasaurKing-ALTTP-Sprite.png Helmasaur KingThe Helmasaur King is the boss of the first dungeon in the Dark World, the Dark Palace. He moves around the room spitting fireballs and whipping his tail at you. You must first destroy his mask by hitting it repeatedly with the Magic Hammer. Bombs also work well, but they are more difficult to time correctly. Once the mask is removed, attack the green gem on its forehead with your sword or arrows.
Arrghus-ALTTP-Sprite.png ArrghusArrghus is the boss of the second dungeon in the Dark World, the Swamp Palace. Arrghus is protected by small Arrgi that float around its body. Use the Hookshot to remove the Arrgi and defeat them. Once they are all defeated, Arrghus will fly off the screen and try to land on Link, then move around the room. Dodge and attack him with your sword until he is defeated.
Mothula-ALTTP-Sprite.png MothulaMothula is the boss of the third dungeon in the Dark World, the Skull Woods. The boss room has a moving floor with Blade Traps around the perimeter. Mothula flies around the room and shoots lasers at Link as the Blade Traps move across the room. Use the Fire Rod to kill Mothula quickly. If Link runs out of magic, he can use his sword also.
Blind-ALTTP-Sprite.png BlindBlind the Thief is the boss of the fourth dungeon in the Dark World, the Gargoyle's Domain. Blind will float back and forth across the top and bottom of the room and shoot lasers at you. Use your sword to hit his head three times to knock it off. His head will begin floating around the room shooting fireballs in various directions as a new head forms on his body and the fight continues. Repeat the process twice more to defeat him for good.
Kholdstare.png KholdstareKholdstare is the boss of the fifth dungeon in the Dark World, the Ice Palace. Link discovered Kholdstare trapped in solid block of ice. Hit him 8 times with the Fire Rod, or use the Bombos Medallion once to free him. He then splits off into three eyes that float around the room. Use the sword or the Fire Rod to defeat them.
Vitreous-ALTTP-Sprite.png VitreousVitreous is the boss of the sixth dungeon in the Dark World, Misery Mire. Vitreous has many small eyeballs protecting its large eyeball. The small eyeballs will float towards Link to attack him, while the large eyeball will occasionally shoot lightning towards the center of the room. Stay in the bottom-right corner of the room and keep swinging the sword to attack the small eyeballs and avoid the lightning attacks. When most of the small eyeballs are defeated, the large eyeball will hop towards Link. Attack it with your sword or arrows to defeat it.
Trinexx-ALTTP-Sprite.png TrinexxTrinexx is the boss of the seventh dungeon in the Dark World, Turtle Rock. The two elemental heads will either create a path of fire on the floor or freeze the floor respectively, while the central head will extend out towards Link to attack him. Using the Ice Rod and Fire Rod, stun the elemental heads and slash them with your sword. Once they are defeated, Trinexx's shell will be destroyed and a snake-like form will chase Link around the room. Attack the flashing central section with the sword to destroy it.
Ganon-ALTTP-Sprite.png GanonGanon is the final boss of the game. To start the battle, fall into the hole on top of the Pyramid of Power that was created after completing Ganon's Tower. Slash him with your sword while avoiding the Fire Keese he summons. Once he is weakened, his patterns will change. Continue attacking him until he knocks all four edges of the floor off. He will then blow out the torches and begin teleporting across the room. Light the torches with the Lamp or Fire Rod and attack Ganon as he re-materializes. He will then be stunned, giving you a chance to shoot him with a Silver Arrow. Hit him with four Silver Arrows to defeat him.