Ornamental Shelf

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Ornamental Shelf




Blocks entrance to Secret Passage

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 かざりだな (Display Shelf)
France Française Blason (Coat of Arms)
Spain Español Escudo (Shield)
Germany Deutsch Königliche Wappen (Royal Crest)
Italy Italiana Ornamento (Ornament)

The Ornamental Shelf is an item found in the Throne Room of Hyrule Castle in A Link to the Past. It can be found at the very top of the room, behind the thrones.

The Shelf is first seen during the opening sequence of the game, in which Link is rescuing Zelda from the castle's dungeon, where she was put by the evil Agahnim. Once Link and Zelda reach the first floor of the castle, she mentions to Link that there is a Secret Passage in the Throne Room;[1] this is the same passage the Ornamental Shelf hides. Once they reach the Throne Room, Zelda mentions the Ornamental Shelf by name and tells Link they have to push it from the left[2], but if Link has not yet acquired the Lamp, the shelf does not move.



  1. "There is a secret passage in the throne room that leads to Sanctuary. I'm sure the old man there will help us." — Zelda, A Link to the Past.
  2. "That ornamental shelf should open. Do you have a light? It's pitch dark inside and you can't see without one. If you're ready, let's go! Help me push it from the left!" — Zelda, A Link to the Past.