Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Look at the far right of the shrine and you’ll see a switch. You can hit this switch with an arrow or by exploding a bomb. This will cause the large platform in the room to rotate 90 degrees. Hit the switch to rotate the platform. Now make your way to the left side of the shrine. With the platform flipped, you will be able to walk over to a treasure chest. Open it up to get a small key.

Return to the crystal switch and this time shoot it with an arrow to rotate the room back to normal. Then use a small key on the locked door in the center of the room. There is an orb right here on the ground that you can pickup. Do so and carry it back to where that crystal switch is. The cage area here makes a basket that you can throw the orb into. Do just that and then hit the crystal switch. This will send the orb to the other side of the room, landing in a cage and settling into a hole.

This will cause a block platform in the center of the room to shoot out of the ground. You can use this to launch yourself up to the top of the room. Do so and then glide straight forward to reach a treasure chest. Open the chest to get a Feathered Edge.

Return to the platform and let it shoot you up into the air. While you are the peak height, pull out the bow and shoot an arrow at the crystal switch. This will cause the platform to revert to normal. You can then run over to the monk, Rota Ooh. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.