Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located at the west portion of the Lanayru Tower region. It is at the south portion of the wetlands, found on Shrine Island.
  • You can reach it by heading north of Kakariko Village, paragliding down to the water. You won’t miss it from the higher vantage point.

Video Guide


There are three orange orbs floating in the water. If you glance at the bottom of the water, there is a metal scoop that you can grab using Magnesis. Carefully manipulate the scoop so that you pickup one of the orbs. Lift it up out of the water and take it to the cage in the corner of the room. Put the scoop in the cage and shake and move it quickly, causing the orb to fall out and right into the hole.

Bring the scoop along with Magnesis and head to the next room. The part of this room is more of the same. Use the scoop to grab an orb and carry it over to the cage. This time there is no top to the cage, so just drop the orb on top of the cage. If you look at the water below, there is a switch at the bottom. Use Magnesis to put the scoop directly above the switch. Release the Magnesis and the scoop will sink down, hitting the switch and opening the cage roof. This will cause the orb to fall into the hole, draining the water.

Return to the first room and with the water now drained, you’ll be able to reach the next room. Run on over and open the treasure chest found here. Now return to the second room and drop down. Run ahead and follow the path to reach the monk, Daka Tuss. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.