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Green Spinut as shown in Spirit Tracks


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Spinuts are enemies from Spirit Tracks.

Spinuts are squirrel-like enemies that are found in outdoor wooded areas as well as within dungeons. The Spinut is one of the first enemies that Link encounters on his route to the Tower of Spirits for the first time.

They hobble around aimlessly until they make eye contact with Link, then they dash toward him. A Spinut can change its direction of attack slightly, but they are unable to make smooth turns. If Link runs around a Spinut in a half-circle pattern, it will lose eye contact with Link and start to hobble around once again.

Spinuts come in multiple color variations. The Yellow Spinut can be defeated with two sword slashes, or one jump attack. If they come into contact with Link, they will do 1/2 heart of damage. Spinuts usually leave behind small valued Rupees and Recovery Hearts as a spoil. Despite being one of the least difficult enemies in the game, the Castle Guards refer to these creatures as monsters and they have trouble fending them off, having to ask Link for help.[1][2]

The green version of this enemy is a bit tougher and takes a few more hits to defeat.

A single red Spinut can be found in the Tower of Spirits. It is very cowardly, causing Link and Zelda to need to chase it to retrieve the key it is holding.



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