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Discord: Heroine of Time#5367

Hey there! I'm Heroine of Time, an avid Legend of Zelda player, writer, and musician. I've been an editor to the wiki here since June 8th, 2012, and I really enjoy making pages and fixing small things here and there.


My favorite pages to edit are always things closely related to story. I like being able to revisit old moments in the games and write about them. That means I really enjoy making character pages; I get to review all the things that the character says in the game and I occasionally learn some interesting stuff. Of course, locations can have close ties with story as well, so I'll do those a lot too. I don't find enemies, bosses, or dungeons nearly as interesting, however.


I've seen a few other people put this on their user pages, so I figured I might as well. I have every Legend of Zelda game, but I have not completed all of them.

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