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This is a list of characters found in Ocarina of Time.


Main Characters


Link (Child)
Link (Adult)
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The protagonist of Ocarina of Time, Link grew up in Kokiri Forest after his dying mother took him there to escape the Hyrulean Civil War and the Great Deku Tree recognised his potential. Known to the other Kokiri as the "boy without a fairy", his best friend was Saria, leading to jealousy from the Kokiri leader Mido. When the Great Deku Tree was dying from Ganondorf's curse, he recognised it was time for Link's heroic journey to begin, and sent Navi to help him on his quest. Sent to see Princess Zelda by the Deku Tree's dying words, the young royal proceeded to conscript him in her plans to stop Ganondorf. Sent to gather the Spiritual Stones, he became the Sworn Brother of the Goron "big boss" Darunia and the unwitting fiancé of the Zora Princess, Ruto, by helping them on his way. Returning to Hyrule Castle with the Stones in hand, he saw Zelda and her attendant Impa riding away in fear from Ganondorf himself, pausing only to toss the Ocarina of Time for him to retrieve. With the Spiritual Stones and Ocarina of Time in hand, Link opened the Door of Time and triumphantly pulled the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time...

...only for complete disaster to strike. The Spirit of the Master Sword decided he was too young to wield it and sealed him in the Temple of Light until adulthood. Moreover, he had inadvertently left the way to the Triforce wide open for Ganondorf. He woke seven years later to a ruined Hyrule, long conquered by Ganondorf, and was charged by the Light Sage Rauru and the mysterious Sheik with awakening the other Sages to help undo his and Zelda's sin. Once the other five Sages were awoken - including Saria, Darunia and Ruto - Sheik revealed themselves as Zelda and told him that Ganondorf had done all he had with only one-third of the Triforce. Unfortunately, after revealing that the other two parts were held by Zelda and Link themselves, she was captured by Ganondorf. Link headed to Ganon's Castle to end things one way or another.

Confronting the self-proclaimed "Great King of Evil", and his bestial transformation Ganon, Link emerged victorious with the help of Zelda and the Sages, trapping Ganon in the former Sacred Realm. Overcome by remorse at the role she had accidentally played in his rise to power, Zelda sent Link back in time to "reclaim his lost time"... and to meet her younger self before they started their plan, with the aim of preventing Ganondorf's rise from ever occurring.


Zelda (Child)
Zelda (Adult)
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Princess Zelda is the heir to the Royal Family of Hyrule. She is an insightful and intelligent young lady who, as with Link, has had prophecy dreams of the events of Ganondorf's treacherous plans and Link's arrival as the destined hero. Prior to meeting with Link, she had attempted to warn her father, King of Hyrule, about Ganondorf's evil, but to no avail.

Link first meets with the Princess in the Hyrule Castle Courtyard, where she is spying on Ganondorf. She recognizes Link as the destined hero upon seeing him with the Spiritual Stone of the Forest and explains to him about Ganondorf's plot to take over Hyrule using the power of the Triforce. She sends Link out to find and retrieve the other Spiritual Stones, which act as keys to the Door of Time, before Ganondorf can steal them. Though Link succeeds in collecting the stones, on his way back to Princess Zelda, the prophecy dreams come true. Princess Zelda is forced to flee with her bodyguard Impa, but she manages to throw to Link her Ocarina of Time. In a vision, she teaches Link the Song of Time, the final key to the Door of Time.

During Link's seven year slumber, Princess Zelda was forced to disguise herself as a male Sheikah known as Sheik to avoid detection by Ganondorf's forces. As Sheik, she was able to move about Hyrule to spy on Ganondorf's forces and later assist Link along his quest upon his awakening as the Hero of Time. After Link awakened the remaining five Sages, Zelda removes her disguise via the Triforce of Wisdom and reveals her identity to him as the seventh and final Sage, explaining that they both are holders of pieces of the Triforce, Ganondorf having the Triforce of Power, Zelda (again) having the Triforce of Wisdom, and Link having the Triforce of Courage. She manages to give Link the Light Arrows before being captured by Ganondorf, who was able to find her when she shed her disguise.

Ganondorf takes the imprisoned Princess Zelda up to the top of his Castle, where Link faces him in battle. Upon defeating Ganondorf's Gerudo form and freeing Zelda, the castle begins to collapse and Zelda leads the way down through the castle, using her magic to remove barriers in the doorways. In the final battle against Ganon's beast form, Zelda uses her magic to hold him down as Link delivers the final blow. With Ganondorf sealed away and Hyrule saved, Princess Zelda uses the Ocarina of Time to send Link back to the past, before he had even met her, allowing him to live his lost childhood. The last scene of the game is Link meeting Zelda for the first time... again.


Main article: Ganon

As the single male Gerudo born to the Gerudo Tribe every hundred years, Ganondorf was born the king of his people. He is a power-hungry thief and sorcerer seeking to find the omnipotent Triforce and use its power to take over Hyrule. Ganondorf is willing to use any means to achieve his goals, including treachery towards the King of Hyrule and manipulation of his own people.

In order to open the Door of Time and obtain the Triforce, Ganondorf seeks to obtain the three Spiritual Stones, which act as keys to the Door of Time. In order to make the holders of the stones hand them over, Ganondorf curses the Great Deku Tree, infests Dodongo's Cavern with monsters, and inflicts a parasite onto Lord Jabu-Jabu.

Link manages to undo all the curses and defeat all the monsters to retrieve the stones himself, but when he returns to Hyrule Castle Town he finds that Ganondorf has already laid siege to the town and drove Princess Zelda out. He allows Link to open the Door of Time, stepping in once the Master Sword pulls Link into a seven-year slumber. With Link unable to stop him, Ganondorf enters the Sacred Realm and claims the Triforce for himself; however, his unbalanced heart causes the Triforce to split into three pieces, Ganondorf keeping only the Triforce of Power for himself because his heart desired power most of all. With his newly obtained powers, Ganondorf spends the seven years of Link's slumber ruling over Hyrule with an iron fist and seeking the other two holders of the Triforce.

After Link awakens from his slumber, he sets out to undo the evil Ganondorf has inflicted over the land and awaken the five Sages. After doing so, Princess Zelda comes out of disguise and presents Link with Ganondorf's weakness, the Light Arrows. With Zelda's disguise removed, Ganondorf is able to find her and capture her, using her to lure Link up into his castle. He hopes to take the pieces of the Triforce from Link and Zelda and engages Link in battle. At first, Link seems to win and the castle collapses, but Ganondorf revives in his beast form, Ganon, and engages Link in battle again. In the end, Link comes out victorious, but as Ganondorf still holds the Triforce of Power he cannot be killed. The Sages are forced to seal Ganondorf away, though he claims that as long as he holds the Triforce of Power, he will return and take his revenge.


Main article: Navi

Navi is Link's fairy companion throughout the game, giving him hints and advice on what to do or where to go, as well as acting as his Z-button target mechanism. She will often fly over to nearby secrets and change colors to alert Link of something suspicious, such as a place he can play certain songs on his Ocarina. During battle, when Link is able to target a boss or enemy, he can talk to Navi to get information on the particular monster, sometimes learning valuable hints.

She was summoned by the Great Deku Tree at the beginning of the game to act as Link's fairy partner and bring the young boy to him. After the events that transpired Inside the Deku Tree, Navi leaves Kokiri Forest with Link to help him on his adventure. She initially sees Link as a lazy child, doubting that he can really be the Hero Hyrule needs. However, as Link's journey progresses, the two grow to be very close. Once Link ascends Ganon's Castle and confronts Ganondorf, Ganondorf's aura of evil is so strong that Navi is prevented from helping Link during the first stage of the battle. When Ganondorf transforms into his monstrous Ganon form, Navi is determined not to let him hold her back and is able to assist Link in the final showdown. Upon defeating Ganondorf and traveling back in time, Navi departs through a window in the Master Sword Chamber of the Temple of Time. Her reason for leaving is never explained.


Main article: Sheik

Sheik is a mysterious character who first appears before Link when he wakes from his seven-year slumber in the Temple of Time. They present themselves as a member of the Sheikah race, having spent the last seven years during Link's absence spying on Ganondorf and aiding the resistance against him, including freeing Ruto when she was frozen in Zora's Domain.

When they approach Link upon waking, Sheik confirms that Link is indeed the Hero of Time and informs him that he must awaken the five remaining Sages in order to defeat Ganondorf. From that point on, Sheik often appears right before Link enters a Temple in order to teach him the warp songs associated with each Temple. After awakening all the Sages, Link returns to the Temple of Time to find Sheik waiting for him there. Sheik then reveals they are actually Princess Zelda. She had disguised herself as a male Sheikah to avoid detection by Ganondorf's forces, but having shed her disguise, is quickly found and captured by Ganondorf's magic. Her Sheik disguise is not used again in the game.



Main article: Rauru

Rauru is one of the Seven Sages in Ocarina of Time and the true form of Kaepora Gaebora. After Link wakes up from his seven-year slumber he will encounter Rauru in the Sacred Realm. Rauru will proceed to explain why Link was trapped in there for seven years, and also tell him that while he slept Ganondorf had free access to the Sacred Realm and consequently to the Triforce. He then gained the power to take over Hyrule. Finally, he reveals Link's destiny: to become the Hero of Time. Then he will tell Link to find the other Sages and add their power to his own, giving him the Light Medallion.

Later in the game, it is Rauru who acts as a spokesperson for the Sages. He tells Link to return to the Temple of Time after awakening all of the Sages, and announces they will create the rainbow bridge which allows him to get Inside Ganon's Castle. He also dispels the Light Barrier on Ganon's Tower, and at the end joins the other Sages in sealing Ganon away in the Dark World.


Main article: Saria

A Kokiri and Link's best friend, Saria is distraught when she finds out Link is leaving Kokiri Forest after the Great Deku Tree's death, and gives him the Fairy Ocarina as a memento and a reminder of their friendship. When Link returns to the forest after visiting Princess Zelda, he finds Saria deep in the Lost Woods in the Sacred Forest Meadow, Saria teaches Link "Saria's Song", a melody that allows Link to communicate with Saria at any time.

Seven years later, after Ganondorf's conquest of Hyrule, Saria was called to the Forest Temple by "the forest spirits" to awaken as a Sage, but the process was interrupted by Phantom Ganon, who captured her. If Link calls her on Saria's Song, she is happy to finally hear he's safe, but pleads for him to help her. Defeating Phantom Ganon and freeing her awakens her as the Sage of Forest, as well as revealing that she is still a child, owing to her nature as an unaging Kokiri. She assists the other Sages in sealing Ganondorf away in the Dark World at the end of the game, and is last seen sitting on Darunia's shoulders looking down from Death Mountain.


Main article: Darunia

Darunia is the big boss of the Gorons, resident in Goron City, an enormous cavern built within Death Mountain. He comes across at tough and rude at first, but this is due to the stress caused by Dodongo's Cavern being blocked up and his people starving, Ganondorf's punishment for Darunia refusing to hand over the Goron's Ruby. Link first meets Darunia within Goron City Link plays Zelda's Lullaby to gain access to his room; however, upon seeing Link, Darunia is insulted as he was expecting the messenger of the royal family, not a child. Link manages to lighten Darunia's heart by playing him Saria's Song. Afterwards, Darunia listens to Link's plight and agrees to give him the Spiritual Stone, but only if he defeats the Dodongos that have infested Dodongo's Cavern. After Link accomplishes his task, Darunia considers him a sworn brother and an honorary member of the tribe. Darunia even goes on to name his son after Link.

Seven years later, and with almost all his people captured by the resurrected dragon Volvagia, Darunia goes to face the dragon alone in the Fire Temple determined to slay the beast even though he lacks the legendary Megaton Hammer. Just before he enters the dragon's chamber, he sees Link, and charges him with saving the captured Gorons. While he fails to defeat the dragon, he is saved by Link and awoken as the Sage of Fire. He does not forget that he considers Link a sworn brother and reminds him of this before Link leaves the Chamber of the Sages. He later helps Link to get Inside Ganon's Castle when all the sages create the rainbow bridge over the lava moat, and dispels the Fire Barrier inside before helping to trap Ganondorf in the Dark World. He is last seen with the other newly-awakened Sages on Death Mountain, looking down over Hyrule, with Saria on his shoulders.


Main article: Ruto

Princess of the Zoras and caretaker of the Zoras' patron deity Lord Jabu-Jabu, Ruto is a rather spoiled and sassy young lady with a rebellious attitude towards her father King Zora. Link first learns of her when he finds her letter in a bottle asking for help, as she was trapped Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly. When Link follows her, he finds Ruto safe and sound inside, claiming that she enters Lord Jabu-Jabu all the time. She tells Link that she has lost her "precious stone", the Zora's Sapphire, and demands he accompanies her in search of it. She is captured once she finds the Sapphire, and Link must defeat Barinade to free her. After being saved, she is so impressed with Link that she quite quickly falls in love and declares them engaged by giving him her Sapphire, which her mother told to give only to her fiancé.

As an adult, Ruto has become far more mature and responsible. She was trapped under the ice when Zora's Domain froze over but, after being saved by Sheik, she heads for the Water Temple to try and save her people. Link meets up with her again inside the Temple, where she is still determined to fulfil the engagement. While trying to assist Link in the Temple, Ruto suddenly disappears, only to later awaken as the Sage of Water upon Link's triumph over Morpha. In light of her new duties, she reluctantly cuts off her engagement to Link, saying that she can't grant her eternal love to him now. She continues to help Link from afar, joining the other Sages in creating the rainbow bridge to Ganon's Castle, dispelling the Water Barrier on Ganon's Tower and helping to seal Ganondorf in the Dark World. She is last seen in the credits with the other newly-awakened sages on Death Mountain, watching over Hyrule.


Main article: Impa

Impa is the loyal Sheikah attendant of Princess Zelda. She was born in Kakariko Village, originally a Sheikah village, before she opened the village up to non-Sheikah entry. Link first meets Impa when leaving the courtyard of Hyrule Castle after his first meeting with Princess Zelda. Impa teaches Link Zelda's Lullaby to fulfill Zelda's prophetic dream, then escorts Link out of the castle to Hyrule Field. Once there, Impa advises Link to go to Kakariko Village and see what clues he can find that lead to the Spiritual Stone of Fire. Later, when Ganondorf attacks Hyrule Castle, Impa takes Princess Zelda and the two escape on a white horse, riding away to parts unknown.

Seven years later when Link goes to Kakariko in order to investigate the location of the Shadow Medallion, he witnesses a great evil escape the seal Impa placed on the Bottom of the Well to keep it trapped. This great evil had taken up residence in the Shadow Temple, and Impa had disappeared trying to seal it again. After defeating Bongo Bongo, the great evil, Impa awakens as the Sage of Shadow. She asks Link to take care of Zelda since her duties of being a Sage keep her from Zelda's side. Impa and the other Sages lend Link their power in confronting and sealing Ganondorf. She is last seen during the end credits standing atop Death Mountain with the other newly-awakened Sages.


Nabooru Pic.png
Main article: Nabooru

After Ganondorf, Nabooru is the leader of the desert tribe, the Gerudo, a tribe consisting entirely of women and where a single man is born once every one-hundred years and crowned their King. Nabooru rejects this. Link first encounters her in his childhood at the Desert Colossus. Nabooru asks Link to find a treasure, the Silver Gauntlets, located deep within the Spirit Temple. However, after finding the gauntlets, Link witnesses Nabooru being sucked into a portal by the black magic of Ganondorf's surrogate mothers, Koume and Kotake.

Nabooru is next seen seven years later, when Link is an adult. She had been brainwashed and forced to serve Ganondorf in the form of an Iron Knuckle. Link defeats her and Nabooru is awakened from her brainwashed state; however, she is quickly vanquished by the magic of Koume and Kotake once again. Upon defeating the combined form of Koume & Kotake, known as Twinrova, Nabooru is awakened as the Sage of Spirit. In the Chamber of the Sages, she compliments Link and bestows the Spirit Medallion unto him. Nabooru assists the other Sages in sealing away Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm at the end of the game.


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Key Characters

Deku Tree Sprout

Main article: Deku Tree Sprout

The Deku Tree Sprout is the baby form of the Great Deku Tree. He appears after Link defeats Phantom Ganon in the Forest Temple and awakens Saria as the Forest Sage. He was unable to grow before this due to Ganondorf's evil reign over Hyrule corrupting the Kokiri Forest, spawning enemies in the sacred Forest. He also reveals that Link is actually a Hylian and not a Kokiri, and that his mother had fled from the Hyrulean Civil War, but she was gravely injured and left Link under the care of the Great Deku Tree before her death.


Din goddess.png
Main article: Din

Din is one of the three golden goddesses that created Hyrule, specifically the Goddess of Power and thus associated with the Triforce of Power. According to legend, when the three goddesses descended upon the "chaos that was Hyrule", Din "with her strong, flaming arms, cultivated the land and created the red earth." She was the first to use her magic and is responsible for molding the terrain of Hyrule. Some of her magic power is showcased in the ability that Link acquires from a Great Fairy Fountain, Din's Fire, which casts a large circle of fire, capable of burning torches and enemies alike.


Main article: Farore

Within the Great Deku Tree's tale of Hyrule's creation told to Link, Farore is shown as the Goddess of Courage who created, along with her sisters Din (Goddess of Power) and Nayru (Goddess of Wisdom), the land of Hyrule out of the chaos which was the world. Farore also created life to inhabit that world.

There also is a spell called Farore's Wind, named after Farore, which allows Link to set a warp point in a dungeon and then warp back to it at a later time.

Goddess of the Sand

Main article: Goddess of the Sand

The Goddess of the Sand, or the Desert Goddess, is the Goddess of the Gerudo in Ocarina of Time. The large statue of the Desert Goddess is located in the Desert Colossus, which was built by ancient Gerudo architects to guard the entrance to the Spirit Temple. Another statue of the Desert Goddess is found within the Spirit Temple with a snake adorned around its head.

Great Deku Tree

Main article: Great Deku Tree

In Ocarina of Time, the Great Deku Tree is in charge of watching over Link and the other Kokiri children in the Kokiri Forest. He watches over the Kokiri and is the guardian of the Kokiri Forest. He is considered responsible and wise. This is evidenced by the fact that Link's Mother trusted the Great Deku Tree to watch over Link during the wars that dominated when she was alive. At the beginning of Ocarina of Time, the Great Deku Tree orders Navi to bring Link over to him. He assigns a Fairy for each Kokiri in the forest, Navi being Link's companion throughout the game. The Great Deku Tree protects each of the Kokiri and saves them from the outside world of Hyrule and its horrors. Unfortunately, his death later allows monsters to sweep in and infest the once peaceful forest.

After being cursed by Ganondorf, the Great Deku Tree sends Navi to summon Link. When the two return, he informs Link of the curse and requests that he go enter his mouth in an attempt to eliminate the curse and "demonstrate his courage". Link successfully defeats the evil, Queen Gohma, dwelling inside the tree.

The Great Deku Tree then tells the tale of how Hyrule came to be. He explains the story of the Golden Goddesses. He then gives Link the Kokiri's Emerald. However, it is too late. The curse has taken its toll, killing the Great Deku Tree. Some of his last words advise Link to go to Hyrule Castle to meet the Princess of Destiny" which leads to the events of the game.

After Link wakes up from his seven-year slumber, he discovers that the Kokiri Forest is now infested with monsters. The Kokiri say this started happening after the death of the Great Deku Tree. When Link completes the Forest Temple, Link is transported back to the Kokiri Forest where he watches the Deku Tree Sprout grow in front of the dead Great Deku Tree. It is speculated that the Deku Tree Sprout is in fact the Great Deku Tree from The Wind Waker.

Great Fairy of Courage

Great Fairy OoT.png
Main article: Great Fairy

The Great Fairy of Courage resides in a Great Fairy Fountain located in the wasteland surrounding Ganon's Castle. After Link obtains the Golden Gauntlets, he can gain access to her fountain by removing the giant stone column blocking the entrance. She grants the power of Enhanced Defense, which reduces all damage taken by half.

Great Fairy of Power

Great Fairy OoT.png
Main article: Great Fairy

The Great Fairy of Power lives on Death Mountain Summit. After Link defeats King Dodongo in Dodongo's Cavern, Darunia instructs Link to climb Death Mountain to see her. When he does this, The Great Fairy of Power rewards the hero with the Magic Spin Attack.

Great Fairy of Wisdom

Great Fairy OoT.png
Main article: Great Fairy

The Great Fairy of Wisdom resides within Death Mountain Crater. She grants Link an increased Magic Meter if he visits her. One needs the Megaton Hammer to break through the rocks that seal the entrance to the fountain.

Great Fairy of Magic

Great Fairy OoT.png
Main article: Great Fairy

Great Fairies of Magic can be found in three locations to give three different spells: Din's Fire is given at the Fountain located in the Dead End near the Castle Grounds, Farore's Wind is given at Zora's Fountain, and Nayru's Love is given at Desert Colossus. It is unknown whether the three Great Fairies of Magic are the same Great Fairy teleporting between the three Fountains, or if they are three separate Great Fairies with the same title.

Hero of the Gorons

No Image.png
Main article: Hero of the Gorons

The "Hero of the Gorons" is a Goron mentioned in Ocarina of Time. Little is known about him apart from the fact he was an ancestor of Darunia and delivered the Gorons from Volvagia. They say that he once held the Megaton Hammer and destroyed Volvagia with it.


Main article: Keaton

While Keaton is never seen in-game, he is mentioned by several characters when Link wears the Keaton Mask. He is a popular character among the children of Hyrule.

Lord Jabu-Jabu

Lord Jabu-Jabu.png
Main article: Lord Jabu-Jabu

Lord Jabu-Jabu is the patron of the Zora tribe in Ocarina of Time, and is a large fish, or possibly even a whale. He is likened to a kami from Japanese culture, a deity of sorts.

He resides inside Zora's Fountain, which has its entrance blocked off by King Zora himself. In order to reach Jabu-Jabu, Link must go to Lake Hylia first, and dive to retrieve Ruto's Letter in a bottle. Showing this to King Zora will get him to very slowly move aside so Link can access the Fountain.

When Link gets to the fountain, Lord Jabu-Jabu is very sick from the evil that is inside him. Link must offer the deity a fish, having been told that he loves to eat Fish, and it is said that if you place a fish in front of his mouth, it gives you happiness. When Link pours the bottled fish on the ground, Lord Jabu-Jabu inhales him as he tries to eat the fish.

After a while of being Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Link encounters Ruto, who has escaped inside Lord Jabu-Jabu to hide from her father, King Zora. She says that she does that a lot, but this time it is filled with electric jellyfish, weird soap bubbles and tentacles with clubs at the end. Not only that, but she lost the gem that her mother gave her. This later turns out to be Zora's Sapphire, one of the three treasures Link must obtain in order to open the Door of Time and pull the Master Sword from its pedestal in the Temple of Time. Link must also defeat the evil that resides within him, Barinade. Once Link has done so, he receives gratitude from Ruto and the Zora's Sapphire.


Goddess Nayru.jpg
Main article: Nayru (Goddess)

Nayru is one of the three Golden Goddesses. Within the tale told by the Great Deku Tree, Nayru is depicted as one of the three goddesses to have created the land of Hyrule. She is said to have put her wisdom into the world to create the law, and the life Farore created would uphold such a law.

Phantom Guide

Main article: Phantom Guide

The Phantom Guide is a character that appears in Ocarina of Time. The Phantom Guide is a Poe that directs Link through his pathway across the Haunted Wasteland to reach the Desert Colossus.

After Link crosses the River of Sand, he sees a series of flag posts that guide him to a monument in the middle of the Wasteland. From this point in the desert, if Link wanders off, he gets caught up in the sandstorm and automatically appears back at this monument near the River of Sand. At the top of this monument, there is a stone plaque that states that the eye of truth shall be guided to the Spirit Temple by an inviting ghost.[1][2]

After using the Lens of Truth, Link is able to see the Phantom Guide. Link can then follow the Phantom Guide who zig-zags its way through the Haunted Wasteland, but in the process, Link encounters Leevers that try to distract him from following the Poe. As long as Link follows the Phantom Guide in the proper direction, he will make it to the Desert Colossus, where he finds the Spirit Temple.

Business People

Bazaar Owner

Main article: Bazaar Owner

The Bazaar owner is a large, bearded man who owns and operates the Bazaar. When Link is a child, the man can be found in his shop in Hyrule Castle Town. The Bazaar Owner is a friend of the Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper, and if Link first talks to the Gatekeeper, Link can receive a discount on the Hylian Shield.[3][4]

Following Ganondorf's attack on Hyrule Castle, however, he flees to Kakariko Village and makes the vacant house atop the hill near the Death Mountain Trail the new Bazaar. This building was previously occupied by the Graveyard Boy.

Bean Seller

Main article: Bean Seller

A man who constantly feasts on his bag of legumes. He is the only seller of Magic Beans, which can be planted in soft soil during Link's childhood to grow into magic leaves and are able to carry Link to otherwise inaccessible areas as an adult. He can be found sitting beside Zora's River during Link's childhood. Every time Link buys a Magic Bean from him, the next Magic bean will cost an additional 10 rupees. He will stop selling magic beans after Link has bought the last one worth under 100 rupees. Along the way, he makes up titles to make the beans seem rare.

Bombchu Bowling Alley Operator


The Bombchu Bowling Alley operator runs the Bombchu Bowling Alley in the Hyrule Castle Town Market. She is dressed in pink clothing, has purple hair, and has a tendency to fall asleep when not serving customers. She enthusiastically explains the rules of the game to Link and she does not reveal the prize until after Link has paid for a game. During the games end credits, she can be seen in Lon Lon Ranch, sitting alongside Granny.

Bombchu Shop Owner

Main article: Bombchu Shop Owner

The Bombchu Shop owner runs the Bombchu Shop, located in the Back Alley of Hyrule Castle Town. His shop is exclusively open at nighttime and is only found when Link is a child. He sells only Bombchus, and while he has eight different bundles, he notes that once he sells out of them, they are gone for good. An sold out notice will replace them and that bundle will not be available for purchase again for the rest of the game.


Main article: Buyer

When Link is a child, the Buyer appears in Hyrule Castle Town, near the Bombchu Bowling Alley. When Link is an adult, the Buyer will appear in Kakariko Village, near the Bazaar. The Buyer can be seen bouncing his hands up and down in hopes to get the attention of passer-buyers that will sell him some goods. He asks Link to equip an item and show it to him. If Link tries to sell a non bottled item, or a bottled item that he is not interested in, he'll let Link know he doesn't want to buy that item.

Carpet Merchant

Main article: Carpet Merchant

The Carpet Merchant is found floating on a flying carpet above a sinksand pit in the Haunted Wasteland. He is only accessible when Link is an adult and requires the Hover Boots to reach. If Link talks to him, he will sell 20 Bombchus for 200 Rupees. He always sells the same thing; however, he will never say what it is. His face is never seen throughout the game.

Fishing Hole Man

Main article: Fishing Hole Man

The owner of the Fishing Pond in Lake Hylia. He is constantly scratching his armpit. He hosts the fishing mini-game where Link can win a Piece of Heart or a Golden Scale by breaking fish size records. If Link hooks the Pond Owner's hat and removes it in his adulthood, he will find that the Pond Owner has gone bald in the seven years since he last saw him.

Gerudo Master of Horseback Archery

Main article: Gerudo Master of Horseback Archery

The Gerudo Master of Horseback Archery is a character from Ocarina of Time. She is a member of the Gerudo tribe and runs the Horseback Archery Range at Gerudo's Fortress. In order to play the Horseback Archery mini-game, Link will first need to acquire the Gerudo Token, as well as save Epona from Lon Lon Ranch.

She is frequently referring to Link as a 'Newcomer' or as a 'Rookie', implying her own superiority as an archer. If Link talks to her without a Horse, she tells Link to return once he learns how to ride a horse. When speaks to her while riding on Epona, she will accuse Link of stealing the horse, before then teaching Link how to play the mini-game and challenge him to score at least 1000 points. If Link successfully scores 1000 points, he will be awards with a Piece of Heart.

The Gerudo Master will reward Link with an upgrade Quiver if he is able to successfully score at least 1500 points in the archery game.


Main article: Granny

In Ocarina of Time, Granny lives in the Kakariko Village and runs the Potion Shop there. During the time Link is a child, her shop is temporarily closed and she left a message behind on her door letting customers know that she is out in the fields to study and collect herbs for her potions. When Link is an adult, her shop is open, and Link can see her for the first time, petting her tiny tiger. She tells Link that she wishes to make potions with some of the strange things she may find in the Lost Woods. When Link gives her the Odd Mushroom received by the Master Craftsman's Son in the Lost Woods, she will comment on how the guy is a bum for going into the woods, and will then ask Link if he can give him her most powerful potion she ever created, the Odd Potion. After that, she will sell Link the Ultimate Potion, also known as the Blue Potion, for 100 Rupees. She is also an old friend of the Lake Scientist from the Lakeside Laboratory, being like his student at one time.

Happy Mask Salesman

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The Happy Mask Salesman runs the mask shop in the Hyrule Castle Town Market. He asks Link to go out and sell his masks, and for every mask he sells he can get a new mask. This is an optional side quest called the Happy Mask Side Quest. If Link sells all four of the masks that the salesman wanted him too, Link gets to take the Mask of Truth, which allows him to read Gossip Stones.

The Mask Salesman is never seen outside his shop in Link's childhood, and it is unknown where he goes after the seven years when Ganondorf takes over. However, he does appear at the party at Lon Lon Ranch at the end of the game.

Medicine Shop Owner

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The Medicine Shop Owner is a character who runs the Potion Shop in Ocarina of Time. When Link is a child, the shop can be found in the Hyrule Castle Town Market, but it later moves to the vacant house in Kakariko Village when Link is an adult.

The Medicine Shop Owner specializes in bottled items and tells Link that he must have a container to keep any of the items that he purchases. He sells some rare items that can only be found in very select parts of the world, including a Poe and Blue Fire. Not all the items the shop owner sells require a bottle as he also offers 5 Deku Nuts for 15 Rupees.

During the end credits of the game, the Medicine Shop Owner can be found at Lon Lon Ranch, celebrating alongside some of the other shop owners.


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Medigoron is Biggoron's younger brother. He makes the Giant's Knife at Medigoron's Blade Store and sells it to Link for 200 Rupees. Despite its size, and that it took seven years or more to develop, the Knife breaks after striking it eight times or four times if hit at enemies. It is considered a "small" weapon by Medigoron.

Poe Collector

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The Poe Collector operates the Ghost Shop, which was formerly the Guard House, located just next to the broken moat of the ruins of what was once Hyrule Castle Town. He takes delight in the maliciousness of the Big Poes in Hyrule Field, and will give Link 50 Rupees and 100 Points for each Big Poe he gives the Poe Collector. If all 10 Big Poes are retrieved and Link reaches 1,000 points, the Poe Collector will give Link an Empty Bottle.

Shooting Gallery Owner

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The Shooting Gallery Owner operates the Shooting Gallery, located in Hyrule Castle Town Market when Link is a child, and in Kakariko Village when Link is an adult.

When Link is a child, the game will utilize the Slingshot and Deku Seeds. Despite the owner stating that the game is for grown-ups, Link is able to play with his Slingshot. If Link is able to successfully hit all 10 targets, he will be rewarded with a Deku Seed Bag upgrade, allowing him to carry more seeds at once. As an adult, the shooting gallery is exactly the same, but uses the Bow and Arrow, with the reward being an upgraded Quiver. Strangely enough, Link can play the game as an Adult, even before acquiring the Bow from the Forest Temple. If he wins, he will receive 50 rupees, which is also the reward for any subsequent victories of the game.

Treasure Chest Shop Manager

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The Treasure Chest Shop Manager owns the Treasure Chest Shop in the Hyrule Castle Town Market. His shop is only open during the night and contains a mini-game with the reward being a Piece of Heart.

The game consists of a series of rooms that have two treasure chests, with one containing a Small Key, and another containing some rupees. To win, you have to successfully choose the treasure chest that has a small key a number of times in a row. The game is made considerably easier if Link has gotten the Lens of Truth from the Bottom of the Well, as this will allow him to see what is in the treasure chest before opening it.

After winning the game and earning the Piece of Heart, Link can play again to win a Purple Rupee, worth 50 rupees. The Manager will congratulate you and tell you that you are a real gambler.


Ganondorf's Steed

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Ganondorf rides his steed in pursuit of Impa and Princess Zelda as they flee Hyrule Castle Town. First seen in Link's nightmare at the beginning of the game, the sequence reoccurs in reality after Link had collected the three Spiritual Stones. The horse is a black Gerudo stallion, with a red mane and tail which resembles that of Ganondorf's hair.

Later on when Link is in the Forest Temple, he battles with Phantom Ganon, who rides on a very similar horse during the first phase of the battle.


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Epona can be found in the Lon Lon Ranch with Malon as a child. She is a shy horse and will keep her distance from everybody other than Malon. When Link talks to Malon, she will teach Link Epona's Song. During this time, Epona will grow fond of Link. When Link returns as an adult, and after paying Ingo to take a ride on a horse, Epona's Song can be played to summon and ride Epona around the enclosed area. If Link speaks to Ingo while mounted on Epona, he will challenge Link to a race. Beating him twice will allow Link to keep Epona, and although Ingo tries to keep Link from leaving the ranch, he can simply jump a fence to get out.

Epona is a very useful copmanion, allowing Link to quickly and safely get from one place to another in the vast land of Hyrule. Link is completely invincible while on Epona. As an adult, using Epona is the only method of reaching the Gerudo's Fortress, before acquiring the Longshot. Epona also helps tremendously in completing the timed missions within the Trading Sequence.

Fabulous Five Froggish Tenors

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The Fabulous Five Froggish Tenors is a quintet of frogs that sing together in a choir, located in Zora's River. They only appear while Link is a child. They host a mini-game where Link can play different songs on the Ocarina of Time to make financial gains. Link can play the Song of Time, Zelda's Lullaby, Saria's Song, Sun's Song and Epona's Song to the frogs, and each time he plays one of the songs, he will magically make one of the five colored frogs grow in size and sprout a Purple Rupee worth 50 Rupees. Link can also play the Song of Storms for them in order to obtain a Piece of Heart.

Kaepora Gaebora

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Kaepora Gaebora first appears after Link leaves the Kokiri Forest, at the entrance to Hyrule Field. It is obligatory that Link talks to him a minimum of five times. It is also optional to talk to him another two times in which he offers a ride, one of which leads to a Piece of Heart. He can also be seen another time flying over Lon Lon Ranch.

Link's Cow

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Link's Cow is an animal that Link can win in Ocarina of Time. After Link has acquired Epona from Lon Lon Ranch, he can talk to Malon and play a mini-game. Malon will set up an obstacle course and Link and Epona must beat Malon's best time in order to win. As his reward for winning, Malon will give Link a present, but states that it is too heavy to give right here. Instead, she will deliver it to his house in Kokiri Forest. When Link returns to his house in Kokiri Forest, he will find the cow. As with any other cow, Link can play Epona's Song for his cow, which reminds the cow of the ranch, making her feel good so that she can produce some Lon Lon Milk that Link can store in a Bottle.


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Richard is Mamamu Yan's pet dog. Returning him to Mamamu Yan at night will give Link a Piece of Heart. When Link is an adult, Richard has passed away. Mamamu Yan, who now lives in Kakariko Village, remembers him very fondly, still bringing up how exceptional he was.

Special Enemies


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Amy is the green Poe and the youngest of the four Poe Sisters. Once Link enters the room with Amy, Link first needs to shoot the painting with his Fairy Bow. This causes the painting to burn and five blocks descend on to the ground. Link can then push the four relevant blocks to piece the puzzle together. Once Amy appears, the battle is identical to the previous battles with both Joelle and Beth.


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Beth is the blue Poe Sister, one of the two that can be located in the portrait showing them. If her portraits are destroyed with arrows, she will emerge and can be killed with the sword or bow. After defeating Beth, a blue flame will appear on one of the torches in the main room.

Dark Link

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Dark Link serves as the mini-boss of the Water Temple. His health directly mirrors Link's current number of Heart Containers. Once Dark Link has been defeated, Link is rewarded with the dungeon item, the Longshot.

Deku Scrub Brothers

Deku Scrub Brother.png
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The Deku Scrub Brothers are the Mini-Bosses of Inside the Deku Tree. They are three Deku Scrubs who guard the door leading to the lair of Queen Gohma, which is at the lowest floor of the dungeon. They also have another sibling, who may be a sister or a fourth brother.


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Flat is the younger of the Composer Brothers, a pair of musically talented Poes. When they were living, he and his brother Sharp composed songs for the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Link finds Flat in Kakariko Village Graveyard by reading a specific tombstone. Once Link attacks and defeats the duo, he and his brother give in and tell Link the story of their past. Flat and his brother wrote the "Sun's Song", whose notes are hidden inside the Royal Family's Tomb.


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Joelle is the red Poe Sister, one of the two that can be located in the portrait showing them. If her portraits are destroyed with arrows, she will emerge and can be killed with the sword or bow. After defeating Joelle, a red flame will appear on one of the torches in the main room.


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Kotake can control ice, and is the sister of Koume. Together, they are two witches referred to as Twinrova who are said to be Ganondorf's surrogate mothers. They capture and brainwash Nabooru into serving them as an Iron Knuckle until defeated by Link.

Once killed by Link in the Spirit Temple, they bicker all the way into the afterlife.


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Koume can control fire, and is the sister of Kotake. Together, they are two witches referred to as Twinrova who are said to be Ganondorf's surrogate mothers. They capture and brainwash Nabooru into serving them as an Iron Knuckle until defeated by Link.

Once killed by Link in the Spirit Temple, they bicker all the way into the afterlife.


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Meg is one of the four Poe Sisters. After slaying the other three Poe Sisters in the Forest Temple, Meg will appear as Link approaches the central elevator. She will create copies of herself; Link must avoid the illusions and hit Meg with the Bow to deal damage. The true Meg can be identified as she performs a small twirl as soon as all of the copies appear. After she is defeated, the purple center flame will light and Link is allowed to proceed.


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Sharp is the elder of the Composer Brothers, a pair of musically talented Poes. When they were living, he and his brother Flat composed songs for the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Link finds Sharp in Kakariko Village Graveyard by reading a specific tombstone. Once Link attacks and defeats the duo, he and his brother give in and tell Link the story of their past. Sharp and his brother wrote the "Sun's Song", whose notes are hidden inside the Royal Family's Tomb.

Skull Kid

Skull Kid OoT Offical.png
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Three Skull Kids can be found within the Lost Woods. The first can be found through the first left-hand tunnel as Link enters the forest. If Young Link stands on the tree stump and pulls out his Ocarina to play Saria's Song, the Skull Kid gives Link a Piece of Heart and befriends him. After this, the Skull Kid purchases the Skull Mask from Link, but only for 10 Rupees, half of what it costs.

The two other Skull Kids offer Link to play a sing-along game. The Skull Kids play a tune and Link has to play back the same tune from memory; every time Link is successful, the Skull Kids add an additional note to the tune, reaching eight notes total. When Link recalls all eight notes from memory, the Skull Kids reward him with a Piece of Heart.

Skull Kids do not trust adults; when Link returns to the forest seven years later, the Skull Kids react negatively and attack him. If Link manages to defeat a Skull Kid, he is rewarded with a Huge Rupee.



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Link first encounters Biggoron on the Death Mountain Summit. After Link obtains the Broken Goron's Sword complains that his eyes are suffering a great deal of pain because of the recent Death Mountain eruptions. He says that he will make Link a powerful blade (Biggoron's Sword) if he can heal his eyes. To do this, Link must complete the Trading Sequence.


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Bonooru is a scarecrow with an exceptional memory for music that lives at Lake Hylia with Pierre. When Link first meets him as a child, Bonooru boasts about his memory. Link can take out his ocarina in front of Bonooru to make him ask Link to play a song. If it is one of the existing ocarina songs in the game or only one note repeated, Bonooru will be unimpressed. However, if Link creates an original song consisting of eight notes, then Bonooru promises to remember it. After this, the song can be played at any time, referred to as the Scarecrow's Song.

Seven years into the future, Bonooru is still at Lake Hylia and he claims to have remembered the song. Instead of proving it, though, he accuses Link of having forgotten and tells him to play it on the ocarina. He is impressed when Link plays it correctly, and then he explains that Pierre will appear in certain areas to help Link when he plays the Scarecrow's Song.


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Cucco Lady

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In Link's childhood, the Cucco Lady stays near her Cucco Pen in Kakariko Village, asking Link to help her find the seven Cuccos around town. Once Link brings back all seven, she rewards the young hero with an Empty Bottle.

Seven years later, she inadvertently starts in the Trading Sequence by giving Link the Pocket Egg, which will eventually hatch and turn into the Pocket Cucco, which Link can use to awake the sleeping Talon inside one of the homes. After bringing the Pocket Cucco back to the Cucco Lady, she will say that the cucco looks very happy, and thus she decides to give Link Cojiro, a blue cucco. She mentions it's her brother's, and that it has not crowed in awhile. Link can now bring Cojiro to him, who can be found in the Lost Woods. He will thank Link, and give him the Odd Mushroom.

Cursed Rich Man

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The Cursed Rich Man is a character found in Ocarina of Time. He is the head of the Cursed Rich Family, residing in the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village.

The entire family was once very wealthy, but was put under a curse by the Gold Skulltulas, due to their greed. While they have an appearance as a Skulltula, there still some human limbs that are visible. The only way to lift the curse is to collect the Gold Skulltulas that are found throughout Hyrule. In return for finding the Gold Skulltulas, the Cursed Rich Man promises to make Link very rich.

At each increment of 10 Gold Skulltula tokens collected, from 10 to 50, one of the Cursed Rich Man's five children will be freed from the curse, returning to their Hylian form. In order to return the Cursed Rich Man to his original form, all 100 Gold Skulltulas will need to be collected. Once freed from the Curse, the rich man will keep his promise, giving Link a Huge Rupee, worth 200 rupees. Each time Link revisits the House of Skulltula, he can speak with the Cursed Rich Man to acquire another Huge Rupee.


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Dampé is the gravekeeper of the Kakariko Village Graveyard. During Link's childhood, Dampé can be found patrolling the graveyard at night and starts his own Gravedigging Tour, upon request for 10 Rupees, digging up anything from Rupees to a Heart Piece that Link can pick up. The items that he digs up appear randomly. During the day, he is at his shack sleeping, and if Link tries to interact with him, he tells the young hero to go away.

If Link enters Dampé's house at night while he is gravedigging, Link can read Dampé's diary, where he writes that he found a treasure that "stretches and goes 'boing'". The diary can also be found when Link is an adult, but what's written in it will differ, telling Link to enter Dampé's grave and that he will let Link have his treasure.

Sometime during Link's seven year slumber, Dampé dies and becomes a ghost. When Link digs up his grave, he can find Dampé's ghost in a maze beneath the grave. Dampé challenges Link to a race, and if Link wins, Dampé allows him to take his treasure, the Hookshot. Playing again and winning in under a minute earns Link a Piece of Heart.

Dancing Couple

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The Dancing Couple are a pair of characters always found in each other's embrace. When Link is a child, they are found dancing in Hyrule Castle Town, complementing each other at daytime. At nighttime they are still dancing and this time will comment about how annoying Link is for violating their personal space.

When Link is an adult, he finds the two dancing on the hill behind the Windmill in Kakariko Village.

Gerudo Guard

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Gerudo Guards are the Gerudos in Gerudo's Fortress that secure the area of intruders. When Link is an adult, the Carpenters attempted to join the Gerudos, but were put in jail. Link must stay vigilant to avoid being caught by them, or he can simply stun them with certain items, such as the Fairy Bow. If they sight Link, they will throw him into jail. When Link has saved all of the Carpenters, the Gerudo Warrior will come and give him the Gerudo Token, which makes the Gerudos become friendly toward Link.

Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper

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The Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper is a soldier who guards the Kakariko Village side of Death Mountain Trail, and won't allow anyone to pass without permission from the Royal Family. After allowing Link to pass, he will buy a Keaton Mask from Link "for his son", although he always will wear it himself when seen thereafter.

After returning to Kakariko Village seven years later, the guard is nowhere to be found.

Cursed Rich Family

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The Cursed Rich Family are characters from Ocarina of Time. The Cursed Rich Man is the head of the household, alongside his five children who live in Kakariko Village, within the House of Skulltula. The family has been cursed due to their greed, and all six members have been turned into Skulltulas. If Link visits them, the father of the family asks if he can help them by collecting all of the Gold Skulltula Tokens. Link can do this by killing Gold Skulltulas. Getting all 100 tokens is no easy task, for they are scattered all over Hyrule and some are well hidden, but Link gets rewarded if he actually does it.


Main article: Fado (Ocarina of Time)

Fado is a blonde female Kokiri who has a distinct look from the rest of the Kokiri children in Ocarina of Time. Early on in the game, she can be found on a higher platform in the center of the Kokiri Forest. Link can reach her by climbing up the ramp around Saria's house and walking across two rope bridges. She applauds Link for reaching her at this higher platform and refers to Link as being a 'real man'. She gives Link some instructional tips on how to use the C-up button as a camera.

Fado can be found within the Lost Woods when Link is an adult and she plays a part in the Trading Sequence. Link returns to the Lost Woods in search of the Master Craftsman's Son, but he is nowhere to be found. Instead, Link finds Fado near a tree stump. Fado states that everyone who gets lost in the Lost Woods eventually become lost and turn into Stalfos. After seeing the Odd Potion, she states that the mushroom is made out of its native to the Kokiri Forest and it must be returned. In exchange for the Odd Potion, Fado gives Link the Poacher's Saw, an item left behind by the Master Craftsman's Son.

Graveyard Boy

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While Link is a child, the Graveyard Boy is located in the Kakariko Village Graveyard, where he walks around during the day. He loves scary things, and is always wanting to be scarier than he is. He is too young to go on the Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour, so he just patrols the graveyard all day, trying to be like Dampé, the keeper of the graveyard. He plays a part in the Happy Mask Side Quest, as the buyer of the Spooky Mask. He quickly coughs up 30 Rupees to buy it, because it gives him a way to become scarier and more like Dampé.

During the future, when Link is an adult, the boy is nowhere to be seen. His old house has become the new location for the Bazaar.

Hot Rodder Goron

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The Hot Rodder Goron is a giant Goron who lives in Goron City in Link's childhood, when be found "wild rolling" non-stop on the second floor. He has put a sign in place saying that anyone who can stop him, they "might get something great".

When Link throws a Bomb at him, he will stop and explain to Link that he doesn't want anyone to interrupt him because he wants to relieve his stress. However, if Link throws a Bomb and interrupts him in the enclosed corridor near the sign, he will give Link a Bomb Bag upgrade "in praise of" the young hero's courage.


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Ichiro is one of the Carpenters. When Link is a child, Ichiro is located in the abandoned house near the entrance to the Death Mountain Trail. He has desires to become wealthy, but does not want to put the work into it, thinking that thievery is the only way to accomplish this goal. At nighttime Ichiro is still found in the same house, but now he is shivering as if he is scared. When Link talks to him, it is reveled that his boss, the Master Craftsman lives just beyond this building, but doesn't want any of the Carpenters to know.

When Link is an Adult, the Carpenters venture off to Gerudo Valley, where they are captured and held captive in the Gerudo's Fortress. Link finds Ichiro locked in a jail cell and when he speaks to him, Ichiro compliments Link by stating that he has a lot of guts to get past all the guards. Link can free Ichiro by defeating the Gerudo Thief. Once he is freed, he complains to Link that the Carpenters were interested in joining the all-female Gerudo tribe, but once they arrived, they were locked up just because they were men.


Main article: Ingo

Ingo begins the game as a worker at Lon Lon Ranch, under the employment of Talon. If Link talks to him in the past, he tells Link about how he shouldn't be working there, and how he does all the work while Talon sits around and does nothing.

When Link returns in the future, he finds that Lon Lon Ranch has been taken over by Ingo, apparently gifted to him by Ganondorf. When Ingo gained power, he immediately kicked Talon out, but let Malon, his daughter, stay to help with the animals. When Link talks to Ingo, he will ask if Link wants to ride a horse for 10 Rupees. He will explain how to do it, and then will let Link ride for a minute and a half. If Link does this twice, then talks to Ingo again while on the horse, Ingo will comment on how Link is getting better, and will challenge him to a race. He will charge Link 50 Rupees to race, and if Link wins, he will challenge him to a free rematch. If Link wins again, he will be given Epona. Ingo gets so mad that he locks Link in the ranch with Epona. All Link has to do to get out is have Epona jump over one of the fences around the ranch.


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Jiro is one of the Carpenters. When Link is a child, Jiro can be found within Kakariko Village where he prances around, running between the Well, and the staircase that leads up to the Death Mountain Trail. If you stop to talk to him, he mentions that the Carpenters are working all day long on the various construction projects throughout Kakariko Village. He complains that it will take a long time before anything is done and that the boss works them too hard. At nighttime, Jiro can be found alongside Shiro and Sabooro in one of the houses in Kakariko Village, where he is starving and ready to eat dinner.

When Link is an Adult, the Carpenters venture off to Gerudo Valley, where they are captured and held captive in the Gerudo's Fortress. Link finds Jiro locked in a jail cell, and Jiro compliments Link by stating that he has a lot of guts to get past all the guards. When Jiro is saved by Link, he will comment about how he would much prefer to work as a Carpenter than join up with the Gerudo.

King of Hyrule

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The King of Hyrule is never actually seen in-game, so his physical appearance is unknown. He is the father of Princess Zelda and the sworn brother of the Goron's patriarch Darunia. The king is first mentioned during Link's introduction to Zelda; she mentions telling her father about the prophetic dream she had as they spy on Ganondorf bowing to him. It is the king's disbelief in her dream that drives Zelda to enlist Link's help and stop Ganondorf's plans in secret.

Once Link has collected all three Spiritual Stones, Ganondorf suddenly attacks Hyrule Castle, driving Zelda and Impa into hiding, with the castle surrendering a short time afterward. It is unknown what became of the king as a result of this or whether he survived into Link's adulthood.

King Zora

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King Zora De Bon XVI is the ruler of the Zoras and the father of Princess Ruto. He can be found at the uppermost portion in Zora's Domain, within his chamber. He is a very large Zora - considerably larger than any of the other Zoras - who wears a red waistcoat. When Link first meets King Zora, he is worried about his daughter and wants to know her whereabouts. It is at this point where Link has to bring him a bottle found in Lake Hylia, which contains a note from King Zora's daughter, Princess Ruto. King Zora will then move aside, allowing entrance to Zora's Fountain where he can find Lord Jabu-Jabu.

Later on as an adult, he is frozen in Red Ice and Link must use Blue Fire to thaw him out. As a reward for doing so, King Zora will present Link with the Zora Tunic, allowing Link to breath underwater. King Zora is also involved in the Trading Sequence, where he provides the Eyeball Frog when you bring him the Prescription.

Knights of Hyrule

Knights of Hyrule.jpg
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Only generic Hylian Soldiers are seen in the actual game. However, there is a brief mention of the Knights, when Link goes to buy the Hylian Shield and the Bazaar Owner states that the shield is just like the one the Knights of Hyrule used to use.

Know-It-All Brothers

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The Know-It-All Brothers are three Kokiri brothers in Ocarina of Time who serve as guides on how to use some of the basic functions in the game. Their house is located at the west end of Kokiri Forest, near the Forest Training Center. One of the boys will teach you about the various icons at the top of the screen. Another boy will teach you about the map and the three different types of items; equipment items, C-Button items, and Quest items. The third brother will teach you how to use the C-up button to talk to Navi, and to change the camera view.

The three brothers never leave the house throughout most of Link's adventure. Even when Link returns to Kokiri Forest as an adult, the three brothers are still in their small house. None of the brothers recognize Link when he comes back as an adult, and they state that they are awaiting the return of Link.

It isn't until the end credits that the brothers finally leave the house. They can be seen at Lon Lon Ranch during the End Credits celebration. Strangely enough, the Kokiri children all seem to be perfectly fine in Lon Lon Ranch, even though it is stated that the Kokiri children cannot leave the Kokiri Forest or else they will die.

Kokiri Twins

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The Kokiri Twins live in the Kokiri Forest, near the Kokiri Shop and Great Deku Tree's Meadow. One of the sisters is found inside their house, while the other one is found in the Kokiri Shop. The sister inside the Kokiri Shop likes shops, hence why she is there. At the beginning of the game, the sister inside their house gives Link information about Rupees, while the sister inside the Kokiri Shop gives Link instructions on how to use the Deku Shield. When Link is about to leave the Kokiri Forest, the Kokiri Twins care about Link, asking if he will come back to visit.

Lake Scientist

Lake Scientist.png
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The Lake Scientist, also known as Dr. Mizumi in the manga, is a character from Ocarina of Time that resides in the Lakeside Laboratory and lives out his days studying marine biology. He studies the wonders of the depth of Lake Hylia's water, and researches the development of making medicine by mixing Lake Hylia's water with various unusual combinations.

While Link is in the midst of acquiring the Biggoron's Sword, at the Lakeside Laboratory, he finds that he needs the Eyeball Frog to create the World's Finest Eye Drops for Biggoron. After receiving it from King Zora XVI at Zora's Domain, he must bring it to the Lake Scientist on horseback for increased speed, as the Eyeball Frog spoils quickly.

Once Link wins the Golden Scale from the Fishing Pond, he can enter the Lakeside Laboratory and use it to dive down as far as he can. Link will touch the bottom and hear the Zelda chime. The Lake Scientist will be watching Link's diving secretly, and he will be so impressed that he rewards Link with a Piece of Heart.

Link the Goron

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Link the Goron is a Goron child named after Link. He always shares the same name as the player file name.

Link the Goron is a member of the Goron race and the son of the Goron Patriarch Darunia. Link the Goron is first found rolling around in Goron City on Death Mountain. When you place a Bomb or Bombchu in his path he will stop, mistaking you for one of Ganondorf's men. Very quickly it becomes apparent to him that you are the legendary Dodongo Buster from seven years earlier that he was named after. He yearns to be a hero like Link, and calls himself the "Hero of the Gorons!" But he is still very young and childish, and often breaks into tears because his father is gone.

After this revelation Link the Goron informs you of the kidnapping of the Gorons from Goron City and the resurrection of the evil dragon Volvagia by Ganondorf. He tells you of Darunia's mission to save the Gorons from Volvagia prompting you to follow suit. Link the Goron reveals the secret path to Death Mountain Crater and therefore the Fire Temple located within his father's room at the base of Goron City. He will also give you the Goron Tunic, which is used by Link to withstand the extreme heat found within both Death Mountain Crater and the Fire Temple.

After you save the Gorons, defeat Volvagia, and awaken Darunia as a Sage, Link can return to Goron City, where you will be thanked by Link the Goron.


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Malon is a farm girl who works and lives in Lon Lon Ranch with her father Talon and the ranch hand, Ingo. She has red hair and pointed Hylian ears, dressed in simple farm clothes and brown boots, and as an Easter egg from Nintendo, she also wears a Bowser pin.

Link first meets Malon when he reaches Hyrule Castle Town for the first time. She refers to Link as a "Fairy Boy", due to Navi being his companion. She tells Link she hasn't seen her father in a while and asks Link to look for him, giving Link a Weird Egg and sends him on his way. At daybreak, the egg will hatch into a Cucco, which crows to wake Talon up when Link finds him sleeping by the back door to Hyrule Castle.

Malon then returns to the ranch with Talon and can be found there throughout the game. She has a special bond with Epona, one of the horses at the ranch. Malon will teach Link Epona's Song, a song her other composed, which allows Link to bond with and summon Epona to his location. Malon often sings Epona's Song and can be heard singing at Lon Lon Ranch, both day and night. Once he learns Epona's Song, Link can play it to any Cow found throughout Hyrule, which will produce Lon Lon Milk.

When Link returns to Lon Lon Ranch seven years later, Ingo has taken over and Talon is gone. Malon, however, is still working there because she fears the mistreatment of the animals. After Link beats Ingo at the horse race and escapes the ranch with Epona, Ingo becomes much nicer and Talon comes back to run the ranch. Malon thanks Link for all his help, entrusts Epona to his care, and can be challenged to a horse mini-game. If Link beats Malon's record time in a horse race, she gives Link a cow to keep in his home in the Kokiri Forest. This cow can supply Link with Lon Lon milk at anytime.

Man Carrying Sack

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The man carrying a sack can be seen lollygagging about Hyrule Castle Town. He is huffing and puffing from all the running that he does, and is never on time for any appointments he makes. He is recognizable in Hyrule Castle Town by his blue pants and the bag he carries on his back.

Man on a Roof

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The Man on a Roof is a Hylian man who somehow managed to get onto the roof of Granny's Potion Shop. He can be found here when Link is a Child, as well as when he becomes an Adult. As an Adult, Link can reach the top of the roof by using the Longshot. While not intended, Link can reach the top of this building as a Child, by climbing to the top of the watch tower in the center of Kakariko Village, and performing a side jump, allowing Link to climb up on top of a fence, where he can then reach the rooftop. Reaching the roof and meeting the man will give Link a Piece of Heart.

Man Who Could See the Truth

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Man Who Could See the Truth once resided in Kakariko Village. Legend has it that the man had an eye that could see the truth, and invented the item known as the Lens of Truth. The Well is situated where his house once stood, which also seals the evil spirit Bongo Bongo.

Master Craftsman

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The Master Craftsman's entire family resides in Kakariko Village. His wife Granny, runs Granny's Potion Shop, where as his two children, the Cucco Lady and the Master Craftsman's Son can be found around the village.

When Link is a child, the Master Craftsman can be found during the daytime, standing in front of a tree in Kakarko Village. He and the Carpenters have been hired by Impa to improve the village and turn it into a true city. However, he is constantly complaining about how lazy his Carpenters are. Construction of the Shooting Gallery had begun and it is completed sometime in the seven years before Link becomes an Adult.

When Link is an Adult, the Master Craftsman and his carpenters traveled to Gerudo Valley. Link meets the Master Craftsman after crossing the broken bridge in Gerudo Valley that leads to the Gerudo's Fortress. The Master Craftsman informs Link that the Gerudo have abducted his carpenters and asks Link to rescue them.

The Master Craftsman is also involved in the Trading Sequence for the Biggoron's Sword. After Link gives him the Poacher's Saw that his son Grog left behind in the Lost Woods, he will reward Link with the Broken Goron's Sword.

Master Craftsman's Son

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The Master Craftsman's Son plays a large part in the game's Trading Sequence, and is given a surprising amount of background story. He is the son of the Master Craftsman, the boss of the carpenters, and brother of the Cucco Lady. He is unemployed and can be found at night brooding beneath the large tree in Kakariko Village.

In the adult portion of the game, he travels to the Lost Woods to pick an Odd Mushroom for the old hag at the potion shop, who has always wanted to make potions using ingredients from the Lost Woods. When Link encounters him in the woods, he appears to be near death. If Link brings his old Cucco, Cojiro, to him from his sister, he sees that Link is a trustworthy person and begs Link to deliver the Odd Mushroom.

Continuing the trading sequence, Link delivers the mushroom to the witch at the potion shop, who uses it to create the Odd Potion. She is upset that he entered the Lost Woods and instructs Link to take the potion to him. She calls him a fool and fears that he may turn into a monster, which is said to happen to people who enter the woods.

When Link returns to where the Master Craftsman's Son was, he does not find him, but instead finds Fado, who informs him that the man is gone, implying that he has become a Stalfos. She asks for the potion made of forest mushrooms to be returned, and in exchange she gives Link the Poacher's Saw that the Master Craftsman's Son left.


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Mido is the absurd and dispectful leader of the Kokiri in Ocarina of Time. He guards the entrance to the path that leads to the Great Deku Tree. Just like the rest of the Kokiri, he resides in Kokiri Forest. He holds a large grudge against Link, teasing him by calling him "Mr. No Fairy". He holds said grudge due to Link's positive relations with Saria, a young Kokiri girl who Mido adores.

In the very beginning of Ocarina of Time, he demands that Link gets a Sword and Shield before visiting the Great Deku Tree. This is because he doesn't believe that "Mr. No-Fairy" can handle what the deity of the forest has to offer. Upon Link's completion of Inside the Deku Tree, Mido blames Link for the tree's untimely demise. When Link is an adult, and both leave, Mido learns the error of his ways and tells Adult Link to forgive Young Link if he sees him. He is completely unaware that Link and the person he wants to forgive are the same person.

Gerudo Warrior

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The Gerudo Warrior is a subordinate of Nabooru within the Gerudo. She watches over the Gerudo's Fortress when Nabooru journeys off to the Spirit Temple.

She is impressed with Link's skills and gives Link the Gerudo Token after he rescues all the Carpenters within the Gerudo's Fortress. This allows Link to walk freely throughout the Gerudo's Fortress, gaining access to the Gerudo Training Ground and the Haunted Wasteland.

Phonogram Man

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The Phonogram Man is a character found in Ocarina of Time. He is located within the Windmill of Kakariko Village, where he is always playing his phonogram.

The man seems to have quite the temper problem and is involved in what fans refer to as the Song of Storms Paradox. When Link visits him as a child, the Phonogram Man is cheerfully trying to write a song inspired by the motion of the windmill.

When Link visits him as an adult, the Phonogram Man is considerably aggravated and complains that a child with an Ocarina 'messed up the windmill' seven years prior. When Link shows him his Ocarina, the Phonogram Man becomes even more agitated, having been reminded of the song, and plays the Song of Storms angrily, effectively teaching Link the song.

Should Link visit the Phonogram Man again as a child and play the Song of Storms, the Windmill will speed up considerably and drain the Well. The increased speed of the windmill disrupts the Phonogram Man's music tempo, causing him to become extremely confused, leading to his anger issues in the future.


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Pierre lives on the shores of Lake Hylia, slightly northeast of his friend Bonooru. Link first meets him as a child, where he admits that he loves music and wishes to travel around in search of good tunes. If Link uses his ocarina in front of Pierre, he will dance to any song he plays and then repeat it, congratulating him. He tells Link to return if he has any other songs. Unlike with Bonooru's song, this can be more than eight notes.

Later, when Link becomes an adult, he can return to Lake Hylia to find Pierre missing. Bonooru will ask him to play the song he played seven years earlier. When Link does so, the scarecrow is impressed and explains that Pierre is wandering around. Boonoru assures Link that if he plays the Scarecrow's Song, Pierre will appear to help him if he is nearby. Link can Hookshot to Pierre to reach places that he normally would not have been able to reach. Navi turns green and hovers over areas where Pierre can appear.

Mamamu Yan

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Mamamu Yan appears as an unnamed woman with a dog. In Young Link's time, she lives in the Back Alley of Hyrule Castle Town. She is the proud owner of a dog named Richard. According to her, Richard is known to be faster and more intelligent than any of the other dogs around, whom she calls "mutts". If Link visits Mamamu Yan at her house during the night, she complains to Link that she can't find Richard. If Link finds Richard in the Market and brings it to her in the Back Alley, she thanks Link with a Piece of Heart. Link can repeat this task as many times as he wants and gets a Blue Rupee during subsequent attempts.

In the Adult Link timeframe, she lives in Kakariko Village, where she lets Talon stay over after being fired from Lon Lon Ranch by Ingo. If Link talks to her, she reminisces about Richard, who has since died, having been a famous puppy.

Running Man

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After Link has acquired all three Spiritual Stones, the Running Man will appear and can be found jogging around Hyrule Field. At nighttime the Running Man will stop and sit down at whatever location he current is at. In the Happy Mask Side Quest, the Running Man will purchase the Bunny Hood from Link. Even though the mask costs 50 Rupees, the Running Man will pay an amount that will fill Link's Wallet, up to 500 rupees.

When Link is an adult, he will find the Running Man in a tent within Gerudo Valley. Link can 'race' him to the entrance to the Kokiri Forest. Despite this being a race, it is actually impossible to beat him. Regardless of the time it takes for Link to reach Kokiri Forest, the Running Man will always be there, claiming to have arrived one second before Link.


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Sabooro is one of the Carpenters. When Link is a child, Sabooro can be found within Kakariko Village where he is prancing around on top of the construction site near the center of town. If you talk to him, he mentions the Cucco Lady nearby, who works hard taking care of her Cuccos, even though she is allergic to them. Sabooro wants to help her out as he is feeling charitable. This piece of information is meant to encourage Link to help the Cucco Lady, as it will lead to Link acquiring an empty Bottle. At nighttime, Sabooro will be inside one of the houses in Kakariko Village, crying that his beautiful, smooth hands are worn out from his hard work.

When Link is an Adult, the Carpenters venture off to Gerudo Valley, where they are captured and held captive in the Gerudo's Fortress. Link finds Sabooro locked in a jail cell and after speaking to him, Sabooro compliments Link by stating that he has a lot of guts to get past all the guards.. After defeating the Gerudo Thief to free Sabooro, he asks if Link has seen his Boss, and that he must hurry back to him.

The boss of the Carpenters was hired by Impa to turn Kakariko Village into a true city like that of Hyrule Castle Town.

After saving the Carpenters, they will appear back at a tent in Gerudo Valley. Sabooro will tell you that Nabooru was brainwashed by Ganondorof's followers. The Carpenters will together repair the bridge over Gerudo Valley.


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Never named in Ocarina of Time, this old man lives in Hyrule Castle Town walking around during the day. Shikashi tells Link a story about the Legend of the Shadow Folk, the Sheikahs who swore allegiance to the King of Hyrule and protected the Royal Family of Hyrule. Furthermore, when Ganondorf's subjugation of Hyrule and the devastated Hyrule Castle Town take place, he moves in to Kakariko Village to live in. When Link talks to him there, Shikashi tells Link a story about the man who could see the truth who lived at the exact same spot where the well is. During the night, he can be found in Mamamu Yan's house, and there he tells Link about the Cursed Rich Family, who got cursed due to their greed.


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Shiro is one of the Carpenters that appear in Ocarina of Time.

When Link is a child, Shiro can be found within Kakariko Village where he prances around, running between the Windmill and the path that leads to the Kakariko Village Graveyard. If you stop to talk to him, he mentions Dampé and will give Link the time. It is always daytime when you talk to Shiro outside, so Dampé will be asleep in his hut. He suggests that Link head out to Hyrule Field, so time can pass by. At nighttime, Shiro can be found inside one of the homes, where he once again gives you the time and then complains that dinner isn't ready yet.

When Link is an Adult, the Carpenters venture off to Gerudo Valley, where they are captured and held captive in the Gerudo's Fortress. Link finds Shiro locked in a jail cell and after defeating the Gerudo Thief to free him, he will tell Link that you will need the eye of truth in order to cross the Haunted Wasteland and reach the Desert Colossus.

The boss of the Carpenters was hired by Impa to turn Kakariko Village into a true city like that of Hyrule Castle Town.

After saving the Carpenters, they will appear back at a tent in Gerudo Valley. Shiro will tell you that without the old witches, the Gerudo thieves are not that scary afterall.


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Soldiers make an appearance in various parts of the world. They guard Hyrule Castle Town, Hyrule Castle, and parts of Kakariko Village. They are most abundantly found protecting the garden entrance to Hyrule Castle. While most guards will happily partake in conversation with Link, the guards in the Castle Garden will immediately kick Link out if they spot him. Link is able to strategically sneak by the guards due to their poor line of sight. Once Link enters Hyrule Castle, he will have to sneak by the guards or will be kicked out of the Castle.

In Kakariko Village, Link will encounter the Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper, who will only open the gate once Link shows him Zelda's Letter.

After acquiring the three Spiritual Stones, as well as the Ocarina of Time, Link will find a Wounded Soldier in the Back Alley of Hyrule Castle Town.

When Link becomes an adult, there are no soldiers to be found at all, presumably because they have all been killed when Ganondorf rose to power. The lone Poe Collector from the guard house is implied to be the same guard who patrolled the Guard House near the entrance of Hyrule Castle Town.


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Talon is the lazy owner of Lon Lon Ranch, found in the center of Hyrule Field. He bears a resemblance to Mario from the Mario Bros series, with the other ranch hand, Ingo, bearing a resemblance to Luigi. He is a rather portly fellow, sporting a bald head and mustache, wearing jean overalls, a red undershirt, brown boots, and as another easter egg, a Bowser pin like Malon's. He seems to be very lazy and sleeps almost all day and all night. His daughter is Malon, whom he entrusts the horse Epona to.

Link first meets Talon sleeping outside the back door to Hyrule Castle, having fallen asleep while delivering Lon Lon Milk. Link wakes him up with a Cucco given to him by Malon, and Talon wakes up with a jolt, rushing back to the ranch. At the ranch, Talon will let Link play the Super Cucco Game, where Link must find the three special Cuccos before the time limit runs out. Successfully winning this mini-game will result in Link earning a bottle of Lon Lon Milk, and some joking from Talon about if Link wants to marry Malon. After Link drinks the Milk, he can retain the empty bottle.

During the seven years Link is sealed, Talon is kicked off the ranch by Ingo. He can be found sleeping in a house in Kakariko Village, and can be woken by the Pocket Cucco as part of the Trading Sequence. When Link frees the ranch by defeating Ingo in a race, Talon no longer sleeps all the time and says he will turn over a new leaf, returning to the ranch to work hard.

Twin Jugglers

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When Link is a Child, the Twins reside in Hyrule Castle Town. Upon Link's first arrival in Hyrule Castle Town, the two are talking about an attempt one of the Twins made on breaking into Hyrule Castle, effectively revealing the way to get ahead to Link. Shortly before Link's arrival, the twin dressed in blue attempted to sneak into the castle to meet Princess Zelda. He sneaked past the Royal Guard, swam through the moat, and tried to crawl through the drain hole on the side of the castle, but he could not enter it due to his size. As a result of this, the castle guards tightened security in the castle. This knowledge can be used by Link to sneak into Hyrule Castle to meet the Princess.

When Ganondorf takes over Hyrule, the Twins retreat to Kakariko Village, where they stay in different houses. Here one of the Twins claims to have seen the ghost of the grave keeper Dampe holding a strange object. The other does not believe him and states that the other Twin is still as hilarious as back in Hyrule Castle Town.

Wounded Soldier

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The Wounded Soldier is a character from Ocarina of Time. Is a Hylian Soldier who appears only once in the game, right before Link enters the Temple of Time with all three Spiritual Stones. He is found at the Back Alley in Hyrule Hyrule Castle Town. He will inform Link of Ganondorf's betrayal of the Royal Family of Hyrule and Princess Zelda's escape. He recognizes Link as the boy from the forest that Princess Zelda was waiting for. He mentions that Link should take the Ocarina of Time received from Princess Zelda and hurry to the Temple of Time. After this one interaction, the Wounded Soldier will pass away.

This soldier can only be found during this short period of time. Once Link becomes an Adult, the soldier will no longer be there. Due to this discrete location, and the short period where the Soldier can actually be found, he is often completely missed by the player.