This chapter covers the normal mode of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii. If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii U, check out the The Master Sword – HD Version.

11.1 Lakebed Temple Aftermath

You’ll be warped to Lanayru and you’ll be confronted by Zant. He attacks Link and Lanayru, turns the place back to twilight, attacks Midna, and then steals the fused shadows. After some more dramatic scenes where Zant attempts to kill Midna, Lanayru appears and saves Link and Midna. Link will then find himself in the north part of Hyrule Field, with Midna on her last breath. Link is told to visit Princess Zelda in Hyrule Castle. He is now stuck outside the world of twilight but remains in wolf form.

11.2 Reaching Princess Zelda

Once you gain control of Link in the north portion of Hyrule Field, make your way towards the east gate of Castle Town. Enter the town and you’ll notice that all the townsfolk are scared of you. Remember, you are now in the world of Light, yet you still are in wolf form. Run over to the south part of town and enter Telma’s Bar.

You’ll immediately be kicked out and the door will slam shut. Run back to the alley and a cat will appear. Apparently this cat, whose name is Louise, knows you are Link and wants to help. After a desperate plea from Midna, Louise will point out a window, which leads to an attic that is connected to the castle’s waterway. Push the nearby crate towards the large crates and then climb into the window.

You’ll now be in the rafters of Telma’s Bar. There are a ton of pots and three tight ropes here. Wolf Link needs to slowly navigate his way across the tight ropes, making sure not to knock any pots over. If he does, the people in the bar will notice Link and you’ll be kicked out of the bar again. As you walk across the tight ropes, you can listen in and hear what the people are talking about. Once you reach the corner of the room, head through the passage to enter a neighboring house.

You’ll see a person scared in a chair and also see an invisible enemy holding a lantern. If you jump down you can talk to the man sitting in the chair. His name is Jovani and he wants you to get rid of the Poe in the room. Use your wolf sense to see the Poe and attack it. After two hits it will be on floor. Z-target the ghost and finish it off, pulling its soul out. Link will collect a Poe soul, which is another collectable that we’ll find throughout the land. Walk over and speak with Jovani once again. He’ll explain that greed consumed him long ago and he sold his soul to a dark creature that did this to him. He explains that he is miserable, he cannot move, his pet cat is frozen on his head, and he can’t see his girlfriend. He asks that you free the pieces of his soul from the Poe, asking you to collect 20 Poe Souls. He then opens up a treasure chest in the room that leads to the underground waterway. Jump down to the underground.

You’ll be in a sewer like area that you can go in four directions. On the north side of the room, there is a hanging handle. Just like before, target it and jump to pull it down. The gate to the north will open so slide down. There are two large Skulltulas waiting for you here. Defeat them both with a few dashes. Remember, they can block some of your front attacks, so do a few side steps before you attack.

You’ll notice there is a spider web that blocks the path, but there are two torches in the room. Near either of the torches, pick up a wooden stick and light it from the torch. Then dash over and burn down the spider web. Defeat the Keese in this room and you’ll notice there is another spider web on the west side of the room. However, your stick won’t remain on fire long enough from the other torches we saw earlier. There are three unlit torches in this room. Use the stick from the previous room to light up these three torches. Now, light up a new stick and carry it to the left side of the room. Climb up to the web and burn it down.

Continue along this path, defeating a few more Keese and two Bokoblins. Once you reach the small room in the far top-left corner, activate your senses and dig in the center of the room. You’ll fall into the same waterways which we were in earlier within the game. Make your way to the circular walkway on the left side of the map. Unlike before, we don’t have Midna to jump across many of the gaps. However, there are now extra tightropes all over the place. Slowly scale up the circular scale, defeating the Bokoblins that are in your way. Once you reach the top, head out the open door.

Now you are back on the rooftops of Hyrule Castle. Navigate your way through, defeating several Bokoblins as you go. It is pretty straight forward, just be careful of the strong winds that will blow you from side to side at times. You’ll reach a point where there is a broken bridge and you have to wait for the wind to be blowing hard so that it stretches the bridge out. Quickly jump onto the bridge and run across. Drop down to the right onto more rooftops and run across to the tower at the other end. Climb through the window.

Jump down and climb the circular steps to reach where Princess Zelda is supposed to be. You initially don’t see her, but after Midna falls to the ground, Zelda appears. Midna asks Zelda to break the curse of Link. Princess Zelda explains that it is an evil power that binds Link into his wolf form. She tells Link to head to the sacred grove that is deep within the lands guarded by the spirit Faron. This is where Link will find the Master Sword. Midna then asks where to find the Mirror of Twilight. Princess Zelda says she understands Midna and uses her powers to restore Midna. Zelda disappears and Midna says that they have to go to Faron Woods.

11.3 Getting the Master Sword

Link and Midna are transported to just east of Castle Town where they witness Twilight reigning over Hyrule Castle once again. Finally gaining control of Link again, talk to Midna and warp to N. Faron Woods.

Run northward as if you were going to the Forest Temple and our great monkey friend will return. She is now being chased by these odd looking puppet creatures. Defeat them with a few dashes or by using Midna’s charged attack. The monkey will explain that there is a forest on the other side of the cliff. Climb up to the higher ground and then use Midna to jump from platform to platform getting around the cliff. Eventually you’ll reach an area where wind is blowing two platforms. Patiently wait for them to angle correctly and run to the second platform. Wait for it to spin again and then run to the safe platform.

Cross the tight ropes while avoiding the large swinging branches. After crossing both tight ropes you will see another Howling Stone straight ahead. Listen to the tune and then whistle it back. You’ll then be taken to another mysterious cliff outside Hyrule Castle. Howl the tune along side of the golden wolf. Another spot appears on your map in Hyrule Field. We will be heading there shortly, but for now keep on pressing on.

Continue southward into a new area known as the Sacred Grove. Walk forward and to the left and you’ll see another howling stone. Howl the theme and the Skull Kid will appear, creating four more of those Puppets. You can defeat these enemies but they will continuously come back in groups of four as long as you are in the Sacred Grove. The path that allowed you to enter this area is now gone, but the Skull Kid has created a new path. Follow it forward.

Follow the Skull Kid into a water area and the path will turn to the right a bit, follow it through a tunnel that heads upward. The Skull Kid is in this area on the slightly higher area to the right. Dash at him and then you’ll see him run off back to the area you just were at. Run back to the waterfall area and look right in between the waterfalls to see a new path has formed. Run through it and in this area, stay against the wall on the right and head through the first tunnel.

Another water area is found here and you’ll hear the Skull Kid’s music playing. Jump in the water and swim behind the waterfall. Follow it up a few sets of stairs and attack the Skull Kid here. Once again he’ll dash off. Jump out of the water and turn to the left. Take this tunnel and you might notice this is actually a room that we had just been in, but now entered through a new entrance. Keep heading straight to get to the first waterfall screen. The path leading to the first screen is blocked, as is the path in between the waterfalls. However a new path is now opened so run straight ahead.

You can see the Skull Kid on top of a tree branch but he is unreachable for now. There is a tunnel that is behind the Skull Kid, run through there. Straight ahead you’ll see a few platforms that you can climb up. Do so and follow the path which takes you to the previous screen, but now at a higher elevation. Attack the Skull Kid and he’ll run off again.

Jump off the high area and turn to your right. Run through the passage that has two torches on the sides and follow the Skull Kid. Follow him to another area that is in ruins and you’ll see him in the middle of this circular area.

Skull Kid will keep calling out Puppets in this area. Defeat the Puppets as he calls them out and then chase him around the area. He’ll keep transporting and laughing at you, but eventually he’ll call out for more Puppets. While Skull Kid is in the process of calling out for Puppets, Wolf Link is able to attack the Skull Kid.

Skull Kid will then start calling Puppets in larger groups. Repeat this tedious process and chase the Skull Kid around endlessly until you’ve hit him a few times. He’ll then scram off and yell, ‘bye’.

A new passage appears, so run towards it. You’ll reach an area that has two large Stone Guards and on the ground there is a symbol of the Triforce. Stand over the symbol and howl with Wolf Link. Howl the theme that appears and you’ll be transported to a similar looking area. The guardians will come alive and they tell you to guide them to where they once stood.

This puzzle can be extremely tricky if you don’t know how it works. Each statue will mimic your moves, but they are facing opposite directions. If you turn to the left, each statue will turn to their left. However, be careful not to have a statue land in the same platform as you at the same time, otherwise you’ll have to start over. The easiest path works like this. From Links starting point, jump to the left, then down, then right twice, then up, and then left. You should now be on the block where you started, with one statue being just to the bottom-left of Link and the other statue near the top-right corner.

From this point jump up two platforms, left a platform, down two platforms, right a platform, and then up a platform. The guards will now be on the two points where they once stood. The door that is straight ahead will now open up and the guard tells you to go to the sacred place.

Run up the stairs and to the middle of the room. The legendary Master Sword waits you. Walk up to it and check it out. The Master Sword will turn you back in the human form and Link will pull it out of the pedestal. The Shadow Crystal that was put into Link to keep him as wolf form has now been released. Midna is now carrying it and it can be used at any point to change between human Link and Wolf Link. Midna then goes on to talk about the Mirror of Twilight and how she needs Link’s help to get it.

11.4 Sacred Grove Goodies

With the clawshot we gained from the Lakebed Temple and now with the Shadow Crystal, there are a ton of Poe Souls, Heart Pieces, and a few other miscellaneous items we can get.

Our first stop is right here in the Sacred Grove. Walk back southward to get to the large Guardian statues. From here walk to the southwest corner of this area. There is a small passage that Link can walk through. You will be able to hear the jingle of a golden bug nearby. Enter this small passage, turn around, and look at the top of the wall. The golden bug is waiting for you right here. Use the gale boomerang and pull it over. Grab it to get the Male Snail. The female snail is also in this area, but we won’t be able to get it until much later in the game.

From here, walk to the east to get to the area where we battled the Skull Kid. In the center of the area there is a large boulder. Pull out a bomb and blow up the boulder. Another invisible lantern appears, much like the one we saw when we first met Jovani. This signifies that a Poe Soul is here. Talk to Midna and transform into Wolf Link. Use your senses to see the Poe Soul and attack it. Once it is on the ground, finish it off by pulling out its soul.

Remain as wolf Link and use your sense near the boulder that was blown up. Dig right above the sparkles and Link will be taken to a hidden underground cave. There are numerous Deku Babas in this room. They can be defeated with Wolf Link or if you’d like to transform back to human Link, do so. There is also a Deku Baba hanging from the ceiling of which Link will need to use the boomerang to knock down. Do so and once all of the enemies in the room have been defeated, a treasure chest will appear. Walk on over and open it up to get another Heart Piece.

Walk over to the shiny entrance and you will be taken back outside. Talk to Midna and warp over to Castle Town.

11.5 Helm Splitter and More

Our next stop is South Hyrule Field where the golden wolf is marked on your map. Once you warp to Castle Town, transform back into human Link and enter the town. Just quickly run through and exit through the south portion of town. Climb down the stone steps area and turn to the left. By the wall on the north side of the area you will find the golden wolf. Talk to him and the warrior will teach you a new skill.

First you must prove that you have mastered the back slice. If you forgot how to do it, just z-target the warrior, side jump twice to one side and Link will roll to the back of the enemy. Deliver a sword slash as Link is sliding. The warrior will then teach you the newest attack, the Helm Splitter. This attack requires Link to first use the shield attack and then quickly press A to jump and slash at the enemies head.

Once you’ve mastered the helm splitter, use Midna to warp back over to the east side of Hyrule Field. Walk to the east towards the path that leads to Lake Hylia. Don’t actually go down the path though. Just to the north along the wall, you’ll see some vines hanging down. Use the clawshot and grab onto the vines. Climb up to the higher platform and then move towards the small batch of flowers at the north. A golden bug can be found here so walk up and grab it. This is the Female Butterfly. We previously had caught the male version.

Use Midna to warp over to Lake Hylia. Return to human form and visit Lanayru’s Spring in the southwestern portion of the lake. Walk along the east side of the room, staying along the perimeter. Use the clawshot to hook on over to some vines and then climb your way up. Walk to the southern part of the room and go through a door. You can open the two treasure chests for some rupees and bombs, but then pull out the lantern. Light the two torches and a larger treasure chest will appear. Open it up to get a Piece of Heart.

Either walk over or just warp back to the warp point in Lake Hylia. From here, walk to the southeast and take the bridge to a higher platform. Climb the nearby ladder in this area and then walk eastward a bit. There is a small stretch of the platform that extends over part of the lake. Walk over and you’ll notice a Howling Stone. Transform into Wolf Link and howl the newest tune you learn. You’ll be taken to another strange looking area and the golden wolf will appear. Howl the tune once again once again and the golden wolf will tell you to find him once again. A marking will appear on your map in the Gerudo Desert, an area that we have yet to uncover.

Walk to the southern wall of this area and you’ll so a large boulder in the wall. Place a bomb to break it open, revealing a hidden cave. You’ll need a lot of lantern oil and bombs, so be sure you have a bottle of oil and a full bag of bombs.

11.6 Lake Hylia Cavern

Walk down the ramp and you’ll be in a circular room. Use the lantern to light the torch in the center. Pull out your bombs and blow up the boulders on all three sides of the room. Defeat the keese to the north and open the treasure chest for a yellow rupee. On the east side of the room you’ll find a treasure chest filled with 5 bombs. Now head west where the cave goes much deeper in. The path is pretty straight forward so try not to use much lantern oil.

At the next circular room, light the torch with the lantern and defeat the yellow chus that are on the floor. If you have an empty bottle you can grab some lantern oil from the yellow chus. Pull out the bombs and blow up the two nearby boulders. The area to the east holds a treasure chest that contains a red rupee. Now head west to dive further into this cave.

There are a bunch of Torch Slugs hanging from the ceiling. You can walk close to them and they’ll drop to the floor or keep your distance and shoot them down with arrows. Defeat them all and you’ll see a lantern floating around at the end of the tunnel, which signifies a Poe is nearby. Light the torch with the lantern and then quickly transform into Wolf Link. Use your senses and Z-target the Poe. Attack it a few times before finishing it off and stealing its Soul. Transform back into human Link and then use bombs to blow up the nearby boulders. The area to the west leads to a treasure chest containing some arrows. Continue northward, going deeper into the cave.

There is a wooden plank stretching over a deep hole. Be careful not to fall in or you’ll be taken to the beginning of the cave. There are a few Tektites jumping around on the other side. Either quickly run across the plank or just aim carefully with your bow to defeat them. Once they are defeated, continue traveling northward and you’ll find a Beamos statue. Carefully aim an arrow at its eye to de-activate the statue. Use the lantern to light the nearby torch. Pull out the bombs and blast through the two boulders in this area. To the north you’ll find a treasure chest containing a red rupee. Continue towards the east, going even deeper into this seemingly endless cave.

Run through this area to the next circular room. Watch out for the yellow Chus that will drop from the ceiling. Use the lantern to light up the two torches and a large treasure chest will appear containing an orange rupee. Orange rupees are worth 100 rupees. At this point, your wallet might be completely full. Nevertheless, use bombs to blow up the two nearby boulders. The area to the north has a few Tektites and a chest containing a red rupee. Continue eastward to the next passage.

Continue forward to the next circular room where you will find a lit torch and a Dodongo. Remember, the Dodongo can only be harmed at its tail. The back slice works wonders against this enemy. Use bombs to break all three of the nearby boulders. To the west, you’ll see a beam of light. Don’t walk into it, since it will just take you outside of the cave. To the north you’ll find two more Tektites that are guarding a treasure chest containing some bombs. Continue eastward.

There is another wooden plank here and several holes in this path. Just be careful not to fall into one of them. Continue eastward and defeat the Beamos at the next circular room using an arrow. Use the bombs to blast three more boulders in this room. To the east there is a ton of Keese protecting a treasure chest that holds ten arrows. To the west there is a large treasure chest containing a purple rupee. Continue northward along this path.

Defeat a few more Torch Slugs that are attached to the ceiling. There are also a few Keese flying around this windy path. Be careful not to step into any hole as you make your way to another circular room. Transform into Wolf Link and defeat another Poe for another Poe Soul. Blast the three boulders with some bombs. To the west there are more Tektites and a treasure chest holding some bombs. To the north there is a large treasure chest that contains another purple rupee. Continue southward to find even more rooms in this cave.

You’ll reach another circular room with two Dodongos. Defeat them just as before and then blow up the boulders with bombs. To the north there is some yellow Chus and a treasure chest that holds seeds for your slingshot. Walk to the west.

Use the lantern to light another torch and then blow up the boulders with bombs. Defeat a bunch of Keese that are to the west and another treasure is here that holds an orange rupee.

Now continue southward as you cross several dangerous wooden planks. Be very careful of the Keese and the holes on the sides of the planks. At the end of the tunnel you’ll find another Poe with a lantern. Use Wolf Link’s senses to defeat the Poe and steal its Soul. Light the two torches on the sides of this room and a large treasure will appear. Open it up to get a Piece of Heart. Now step into the beam of light to get back outside.

11.7 Lake Hylia Poe Souls

Once you exit the cave head eastward and you’ll see a large tower. Climb up the long ladder and you’ll meet Auru. Auru is one of the members of Telma’s Bar resistance group. You should have gotten a letter from Telma from the post man mentioning this group. Nonetheless, Auru speaks about the Gerudo Desert and mentions there was a prison where the worst criminals were held. He then gives you Auru’s Memo. This memo is written to Fyer, the cannon guy of Lake Hylia. If you show him Auru’s memo, he will shoot Link up to the Gerudo Desert.

There is still a ton of things we can do before ever visiting with Fyer. There are several Poe souls available in Lake Hylia at this time, however, it has to be night time in order to get them. You can go and kill time until it is night time or just sit back and wait. If you don’t feel like waiting, you can just skip ahead to the next portion of the walkthrough.

Once it is night time, around the same tower where you met with Auru, you’ll clearly be able to see a Poe holding a lantern. Transform into Wolf Link, defeat the Poe and collect the 6th Poe Soul.

Now quickly run over or just warp to the warp portal in Lake Hylia. From here, head south across a few platforms and look around and you should see the Poe’s lantern floating around. Jump over from platform to platform to get over to the Poe and defeat it for the 7th Poe Soul.

There are three more Poe souls to be found in Lake Hylia, one of which is on the small area of land at the far west of the Lake. Quickly run and swim over there and the Poe is in clear view of Link. Use wolf Link to hit him a few times and then defeat him for the 8th Poe Soul.

There are two more Poe souls, but they are both at the top of Lake Hylia. Warp over to the warp portal of Lake Hylia and then quickly run over to Fyer. Pay him the 10 rupees and have him shoot you up to Falbi. Both Poe souls require you to play Falbi’s Flight-By-Fowl mini-game. Pay him the 20 rupees and then grab one of the nearby cuccos. The first Poe Soul is located directly under the game. Jump off the ledge, fly forward a bit and then hold left to make a complete turn around. There is a small platform in the corner here with a Poe waiting for you. Use your senses and defeat the Poe for the 9th Poe Soul. There is a small area where you can dig as Wolf Link that leads to a small cave. There are some Shell Blades, but there is also a treasure chest containing an orange rupee.

Exit the cave and then either jump in the water and swim back towards Fyer, or just warp there using Midna. Pay Fyer the 10 rupees and get shot up towards Falbi. Once again pay Falbi the 20 rupees and grab a cucco and jump off a cliff. Remember the area below where we landed to get a heart piece? That was on the second highest area of the platform below. If you land on the tier below, you’ll see a Poe Soul. As you begin falling down and get closer, you’ll see its lantern floating around. Turn into wolf Link and carefully defeat this Poe soul. You don’t want to fall to the lower area or else you won’t be able to get to the Poe. Defeat it and steal its soul for the 10th Poe Soul.

11.8 Zora's River Poe Souls

Now that the Poe Soul collection in Lake Hylia is over we can move on to other fun side quests. Turn into Wolf Link and swim back over to Fyer. From there dash across the bridge and there is a piece of grass here. You can howl as Wolf Link and a huge bird will come and lift you up. This is the same path we went on twice before. However, this path is now a mini game.

There are large fruit all over the place and your goal is to collect these fruit as you fly through the area. You need to collect 10,000 points in order to win the main prize of a Piece of Heart. The watermelons are worth 1 point, the oranges are worth 3 points, and the strawberries are worth 10 points. However, if you get the same fruit consecutively, you get bonus points. In order to reach the 10,000 mark, you need to get the same type of fruit over and over. It is actually quite easy to collect consecutive oranges to win, but you can score the most points by collecting consecutive strawberries. If you get a combination of 8 straight strawberries, you’ll be getting over 5000 for each strawberry. On my first attempt, I scored over 30,000, so this should be no problem.

Once you reach the end Plumm, the little flying bird, will award you with a Piece of Heart for you achievement. There is another Poe Soul in this area, but it has to be dark. (Ya, I know, it sucks to just wait). You can go play the fishing mini game to kill some time. There is a small piece of land on the south portion of this area. It is upward sloping like a small hill. Once it is night time a Poe will be quite easily found right here. Defeat him just as before and steal its soul for the 11th Poe soul. Now use Midna and warp up to Zora’s Domain.

Swim out of the cavern and down the waterfall. There are two poe souls to be found here. Climb out of the water on the west side of the river. Climb up this area to get to a higher ground. The path turns northward and the Poe is found here. Use your senses to defeat it for the 12th Poe soul.

Jump back into the water and swim to the east side of the river. Use Midna to jump to higher areas as you make your way towards the back of the waterfall. The Poe is actually directly behind the waterfall. Use your senses to defeat it for the 13th Poe Soul.

11.9 Kakariko Village Poe Souls

There is a new type of bomb as well as several other Poe Souls that we can collect at this point, so use Midna and warp over to Kakariko Village. Transform back into human Link and enter Barnes Shop on the north side of town. Now that we have three types of bomb bags and there are three types of bombs, it makes sense to fill up your third bomb bag with the third type of bomb. Walk to the left counter and sell back all your regular bombs that you have in one bag. Then head over to the counter on the right side and purchase Bomblings. Bomblings are the same bombs that we used when we were back in the Forest Temple. If you are a Zelda veteran you will notice that they work fairly similar to how Bombchus worked in other games. Link sets it down and it will move forward before exploding.

Climb the steps in Barnes shop and then climb a ladder before exiting through the second story exit. The first Poe Soul is found where the bomb storage building used to be. It is right above the wreckage, so just defeat him like usual for the 14th Poe Soul.

Next, make your way up this area towards the highest building in the village. The Poe Soul is waiting right outside of the house for you. Defeat it just as you have before and grab the 15th Poe Soul.

Quickly make your way towards the graveyard before the sun comes up. There are two Poe souls in this area, one of which is hiding under a gravestone. Once you enter the graveyard, push the first gravestone on your left. Once you push it back, the Poe will emerge. The second Poe soul is right in the middle of the graveyard in plain sight, you can’t miss it. Defeat both Poes to collect your 16th and 17th Poe souls.

Return to Kakariko Village and begin making your way towards Death Mountain. Use the first Goron on the trail to toss you up to the higher level. Once you reach the second Goron in your path, jump on his back and aim towards the right when he tosses you up. There is high platform that you should be able to reach. From here, look around and you should see the Poe in plain sight. Transform into wolf Link and defeat the Poe for your 18th Poe Soul. Be careful not to get to close to the edge and accidentally fall off.

Don’t jump off the ledge just yet, there is more to do here. Turn back into human Link and begin scaling the mountain, but staying on this higher ledge. Stay close to the wall on the right and after a ways of traveling you’ll see a dark hole on your right with an area you can fall down in. Fall down the hole and there is a treasure chest right here. Open it up to get a Piece of Heart.

11.10 Faron Woods Poe Soul

Use Midna and warp to N. Faron Woods. From here move to the west to get back to the purple swampy area. The Poe Soul in this area is actually right in the middle of the swamp on a higher tree stump. In order to reach it, use Midna to jump to the land area on the south part of the Swamp.

From here, we want to move to the the southwest side of the swamp and use Midna to jump to the area on the west. We made these similar jumps much earlier in the game when we were first making our way to the Forest Temple. Climb to the higher area and then use Midna to jump to the large tree stump in the center of the swamp. The Poe awaits you here. Defeat it just as before to get your 19th Poe Soul. That’s all there is to get in the Faron Woods, so talk to Midna and warp to the Kakariko Gorge area.

11.11 Kakariko Gorge Poe Souls

Once you’ve warped to the Kakariko Gorge, run to the far south area of the Gorge and you’ll notice there is a boulder on the side of the wall. Use a bomb to blow it up and enter the cave. You’ll need to use your lantern in this cave, so make sure you have some oil left in it. Once you enter burn down the spider web that is straight ahead. Continue until you come to a fork in the road, then take a left. Navigate through this curvy path, defeating Keese, Tektites, Rats, and burning down spider webs. You’ll reach a larger area with a torch in the middle. Light it up with your lantern and you will see two paths. Head up the path that is on your left that goes slightly upwards.

Continue forward, defeating various Deku Babas, until you come to another fork in the road. This time take the right path. Continue forward and you’ll fight off some more Keese. You’ll reach another fork in the road with the left path having a spider web blocking it. For now just take the right path and you’ll come to a Poe. Change to Wolf Link and defeat the Poe, collecting your 20th Poe Soul in the process.

Now return to that spider web we just passed and use the lantern to burn it down. Defeat the Skulltula that is walking around this area and then use the lantern to light both of the torches. A treasure chest appears so open it to get another Piece of Heart. There are two other treasure chests in this cave, one containing a red rupee and the other containing a purple rupee. When the roads split, from the entrance take a left, a left, and another left and you’ll get to a Skulltula that is protecting a purple rupee. From the entrance take a right and then a left and you’ll get to a Skulltula protecting a red rupee. Exit the cave and return to the Kakariko Gorge.

Once you exit the cave if you look straight ahead and up a bit, you should be able to see a Poe’s lantern. It is on the higher cliff to the area on the right side of the Gorge. Run up the cliff towards the Poe and defeat it for the 21st Poe Soul.

11.12 Hyrule Field Poe Souls

There are just eight more Poe Souls that we can grab at the moment. Remember, it must be nighttime in order for you to get them. From the Kakariko Gorge, walk to the southeast, making your way to the southern part of Hyrule Field. Once you enter this area turn to your left and make your way towards the small pond that is found here. Just north of the pond you’ll find another Poe waiting for you. Defeat it and grab the 22nd Poe Soul.

Walk to the northeast portion of this area and head towards Lake Hylia. Once you pass the windy area you’ll come to a small wooden bridge. The Poe is just south of here but it isn’t in clear day. Turn to the south and you’ll see two boulders right next to each other, and if you turn just to the right you’ll see another boulder on a smaller platform. Use bomb arrows to blast these three boulders. Now move over to the shorter platform and you’ll see there is a small area that you can claw onto with your clawshot. Do so and then turn towards the higher platform. Use the claw to grab onto another target on this platform. Now move to the other end of this platform and use the clawshot once again on another target. Transform into Wolf Link and defeat the Poe that is found here for the 23rd Poe Soul.

Right near where you battled the Poe Soul you’ll see a treasure chest that contains a purple rupee. There is also an area surrounded by flowers that Wolf Link can dig into. Defeat all the types of skulls in this underground area and a treasure chest will appear that contains an orange rupee. Exit the cave.

If Link walks towards the Great Bridge of Hylia, Link will come across a few Chus on the floor. Link had bumped into these earlier in the game, but coming in from this direction will give Link ample time to find a Rare Chu. Rare Chu resemble Yellow Chu except they sparkle. However, the Rare Chu appears right next to the other Chus and if Link isn’t quick enough, it will combine with our types of Chu. If Link does defeat the Rare Chu, he can scoop up Rare Chu Jelly with an empty bottle. Rare Chu Jelly will fill up all of Link’s hearts and will also increase his attack for a short period of time.

Use Midna and warp your way to the castle town warp point. From here head along the path that leads to the southeast. There is an area here that acted as a theatre but it appears to be in ruins at the moment. The Poe can be seen in the center of the stage area. Defeat it just has you’ve done before for the 24th Poe Soul.

Now leave this area and run northward to the North Hyrule Field area. Once you arrive, make your way to the bridge in the center of this area. There is a Poe in the center of the bridge. Be careful of all the surrounding enemies while you capture the 25th Poe Soul.

Start heading back eastward and you’ll notice several large trees. In the middle of these trees there is an area of grass and if Wolf Link uses his senses, he’ll notice there is a large area where he can dig. Do so to dig into this secret underground cavern. Use your senses immediately when you appear and you’ll notice two Poes right in front of you. You’ll also notice a bunch of Deku Babas. Defeat these babas and then defeat both of the Poes for Poe souls number 26 and 27. Exit the cave.

11.12 Bridge of Eldin Cavern

Our next destination is the Bridge of Eldin. However, since the bridge was taken away once we traveled north of it, we can’t actually warp to it, thus, we’ll have to walk (or dash). Avoid the numerous enemies on your way including the Tektites and Bulblin Archers. Once you finally reach the bridge walk to the wall directly north of the bridge. You’ll notice there is a small round target on the higher wall. Use the clawshot to pull yourself over. Now that you are on this higher platform, walk along the path to the southwest and you’ll eventually reach a cave. Enter it.

This cave is very similar to what we battled through in the Goron Mines. Walk across the gated floor and fight off a few Fire Keese that are floating around. If you look below you’ll notice a gravity field pulling towards the wall. Jump off the platform and as you are falling, equip the iron boots and the gravity will pull you towards the wall. Now release the boots.

Begin scaling this platform, fight off any Keese or Bulblins that appear. Once you reach the end of this area, look down again and you’ll see another gravity field that is pulling against a wall. Jump toward it and equip the iron boots while you are in mid air to pull yourself towards the wall. Now take off the boots. Turn around and walk a bit and you’ll see a similar scenario with the gravity below. Jump down below and equip your iron boots to have it pull you against the wall. Release the boots.

Defeat the single Dodongo that is crawling around the ground and then use the lantern to light the two nearby torches. A treasure chest appears that contains an orange rupee. Walk forward a bit and you’ll see a second treasure chest, this one containing another Piece of Heart. There is an exit to the cave nearby.

11.14 Castle Town Poe Souls

Back outside turn to your left and you’ll see a target that you can grapple onto with the clawshot. There is no need to do that since we will be warping anyway. Talk to Midna and warp to the Castle Town warp point. Enter the Castle Town. Just run across town and exit the town through the west gate. A Poe waits on the bridge here. Defeat it just as you have done before and grab the 28th Poe Soul.

Re-enter the castle town and head towards the southern gate. Exit into the southern portion of Hyrule Field. Cross the bridge and turn to the left. You’ll notice a Poe with its lantern. Use your senses as Wolf Link and defeat it for your 29th Poe Soul.

That’s all for Poe Souls at the moment. Talk to Midna and warp over to Kakariko Village.