Octoball Derby

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Octoball Derby



Southeast of Thieves' Town;
South of the Blacksmith's house



50 Rupees


Breaking pots using a bat and ball


"Welcome to the Octoball Derby! Hit a crab to reset the pots. If you hit three pots in a row, a bird will fly across the field. Get at least 100 Rupees to earn a healthy prize!"

— Sign beside the Derby Boy

Octoball Derby is a mini-game in A Link Between Worlds. It is one of many available in the game, and is heavily styled as a game of baseball. Link uses a stick (or any of Ravio's Rod items if equipped to X, though there appears to be no functional difference between them) to hit incoming pitches.

The Octoball Derby is located in Lorule south of the Blacksmith's house and southeast of Thieves' Town. There are three characters located in the immediate area: the Derby Boy, who is the presumed owner of the game; Octo, a friendly Octorok who is the pitcher for the game; and the Derby Girl, who when talked to gives Link hints at how to play.

The main objective of the game is to score as many Rupees as possible, using only 30 pitches. During the game, the player can adjust Link's pose by moving the Circle Pad up or down.[1] Each pose results in the ball being hit to different distances.[2] In the up stance, Link is going to hit groundballs, which is the only way to hit the front row of pots, but can also hit Octo. In the down stance, Link is going to hit flyballs, which will only hit the back row of pots. If Link remains in his normal stance, he hits line drives, which cannot hit the front row of pots or Octo. The horizontal direction of the ball depends on how soon or late the ball is hit.

Rupees are earned by breaking pots in the field with the ball. Normal pots are worth one Rupee, while a special gold pot is worth five Rupees. If Link is able to hit three pots consecutively, a bird will fly by the field.[3] If Link is able to hit the bird, he gets 20 Rupees added to his score.[4] Also, on each side of the field, a Sand Crab runs back and forth horizontally. If Link hits this crab, the pots reset, allowing more opportunity for points.[5] If Octo is hit, it will spit out a ball immediately.

The cost to play is 50 Rupees,[6] so it can be somewhat easy to make a small profit from this mini-game. If Link manages to score over 100 Rupees, he is rewarded by the Derby Boy with a Piece of Heart.[7]



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