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Bonooru's Stand South Foot (initially)
Any active stable


Beetz is a character in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Beetz is a member of the Stable Trotters, a musical troupe who play at various stables. The Great Fairy Cotera particularly likes his playing. When traveling between the Kakariko Bridge and Kakariko Village, Link, along with a gerudo woman named Kyra, can hear Beetz beating on his drum.[1][2][3]

Honey, Bee Mine

Main article: Honey, Bee Mine

Beetz left the Stable Trotters to make a Honey Crepe for Mastro, but hasn't returned to the troupe.[4] Link finds him near the northern bank of Lake Siela, beating his drum in a vain attempt to attract bees for honey. When Link brings him three Courser Bee Honey combs, he pays him 100 rupees, and realizes how long he's been away from the troupe for.[5][6] When he finds out they're playing again, he resolves to search every stable until he finds them.[7]

Serenade to Cotera

Main article: Serenade to Cotera

After completing Honey, Bee Mine, Beetz returns and the troupe needs to cross the Squabble River, but Sky Debris has destroyed the Big Twin Bridge, and an attempt to remove the wheels from their wagon Breezer didn't help - floating it across proved impossible given the strong currents. Beetz comments that he can play his drum all he wants, but it won't effect the current of the river at all.[8]

Link must use Zonai Devices and Building Materials to transform Breezer into a form which can either float or fly over the river safely. AAround the remains of the Big Twin Bridge are a Wing, Fans, Battery and a Steering Stick, along with various building materials. After crossing the river, Beetz and the rest of the troupe will perform for the Great Fairy, causing Cotera to come out of her bud. This will complete the Serenade to Cotera quest.[9][10]

Stable Trotters Reunited

After saving all four of the Great Fairies, all of the members of the Stable Trotters will be reunited. As a thanks to Link for being a hero, they rename their group the Stable Heroes. Beetz thanks Link and encourages him to stop by the stables to here them play.[11] The group can then be seen playing at all the Stables througout Hyrule.



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