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Travels the road between Kara Kara Bazaar, and Gerudo Town

Kyra is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Kyra is a traveling Gerudo who will walk between Gerudo Town and the Kara Kara Bazaar. Kyra wants to explore the world in search of adventure and to find man to bond with, but she has barely even explored the Gerudo Desert.[1] She doesn't like walking across the desert due to Divine Beast Vah Naboris, as she is worried she could be zapped at any moment.[2] She wishes that as a child she listened to her grandmother about practicing how to use a Sand Seal, as that would be traveling much easier.[3]

While traveling across the desert, Kyra could get attacked by enemies and she will run away.[4] If Link helps out, Kyra will thank him and give him a reward in the form of a meal or elixir.[5][6]

Kyra enjoys being around the Kara Kara Bazaar where she will stop to take a snack break.[7][8] She always brings along some Hydromelons as a snack as she thinks there is nothing better for cooling off.[9] She tells Link that her daydreams have gotten more elaborate and that maybe she needs to start living them.[10]

When Kyra heads back home, she will once again run across the desert to avoid Naboris. She is relieved when she gets back home as its nice to be around her fellow women.[11] Although she sometimes wonders if it would be better if men were allowed in town, to avoid the struggle of having to leave down to find a partner.[12] While in town, Kyra will walk around the town square, stopping at Spera's booth for a short while. She will then turn around and walk back into the desert.

Kyra is very nervous around men and she hopes to someday be able to talk to a man without just losing it.[13] If Link is not wearing the Gerudo Clothes, Kyra will get really nervous when Link talks to her. She thinks that maybe the two have met for a reason.[14] Although if Link responds that Kyra is his dream girl, she just dismisses him, as her grandmother warned of men that used the term dream girl.[15][16] If Link tells Kyra that he's just a guy walking around, Kyra will wonder why she's even wasting her time talking to Link.[17][18]


  1. Sav'saaba! Pretty clothes. You don't see my kinswomen wearing that style often. I bet it drives voe out in the world wild. I'm at the perfect age to travel and see what the world holds, myself, but I've barely explored this desert... Adventures won't come and find me, I know. I have to put myself out there... I like staying around the familiar, I guess. You though... You should see the world. Meet new people. Maybe you'll meet a nice voe! Sav'orq, traveler! - Kyra
  2. I wish I was anywhere else but out here with Naboris roaming around. I feel like I could be zapped at any moment. - Kyra
  3. *sigh* "Stop playing in the fountain and go practice your sand-seal riding!" vaba always said. Why didn't I listen? - Kyra
  4. This is why I hate leaving town... - Kyra
  5. Sarqso, traveler. But that thing's friends could show up any second. Let's run while we still can! Oh, right... You should have this. You fought well. - Kyra
  6. Sa'oten! You're stronger than I gave you credit for. Oh, right... You should have this. You fought well. - Kyra
  7. Kara Kara Bazaar is the best vacation spot in all of the desert. I could stay here and relax for days... - Kyra
  8. I'm on a snack break right now. Food just tastes better when you're lounging at the Kara Kara Bazaar. - Kyra
  9. In the worst of the desert heat, have some hyrdomelon. There's nothing better for cooling off. I would never go outside the town walls without some when I was a young vai. - Kyra
  10. My daydreams keep getting more elaborate. I'd better get down to it and start living them! - Kyra
  11. I haven't been out in these sands long, but it's still such a relief to see the face of my fellow vai whenever I come home. - Kyra
  12. Sometimes I wish voe were allowed in town, but banning them does have some advantages... The outside world can be an interesting place, and I'd probably never have left town if I could just hear about it. - Kyra
  13. I hope to someday be able to talk to voe without a stomach full of butterflies. - Kyra
  14. OK... It's a voe. You can handle this. Deep breaths, Kyra. Remember your training. First... You greet the voe like anyone else. Sav'saaba! N...nice to meet you! I'm Kyra. From the...the... From the Gerudo! I'm wandering the world, learning what I can and seeking my dreams... And I cant tell, just from looking at you... You have a place in my dreams, don't you? Did we meet for a reason? - Kyra
  15. Hmmm... No. I know this one. My vaba warned me about voe who throw words like "dream girl" around. Let's just forget we ever spoke. Sav'orq, traveler. - Kyra
  16. Hmmm... My vaba was right about you voe. "Dream girl..." Nah, I don't have time to waste on you. Get out of here. - Kyra
  17. You again? I'm on my personal journey of learning and discovery, so it would be great if you could not disrupt it... Unless... Do you think you're part of my destiny? My dream life? - Kyra
  18. I hate to be rude, but... What's the point in talking to you anymore? - Kyra