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The sandbox is a free range editor you can test out your ideas, thoughts, or formatting in in order to learn how to format it correctly. No information here is "official" wiki information, please, just use this to figure out how you want it before you create a page. Remember, you can make a mess of the sand, but it is just as easily cleaned up! Click here to reset the sandbox.

Feel free to mess with the formatting, styles, headers, etc. Remember, this is here to help you learn.


Getting Started


Full Game Runs

Partial Game Runs

SRC Rules

Accepted Platforms

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

Game Boy Player

Game Boy Interface

Switch Virtual Console

Accepted Emulators




· If emulating, the use of BIOS screen is advised. If not used, ~3 seconds will be added to your final time for each hard reset. Also, when using BGB or Gambatte-speedrun, the video submission should include a hard reset showing the on-screen messages confirming emulator version and game checksum. On BGB, this is done by turning on Speedrun mode in the 'Misc' section.
· Emulator submissions must have the latest version of the emulator.
· Bizhawk is allowed, however the community prefers BGB of Gambatta-speedrun. Manips and glitches aren't consistent when using Bizhawk.

Glitches and RNG Manipulations

Minor Glitches

Major Glitches

RNG Manips