Biologist's Home

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Biologist's Home
Biologist's Home Interior





In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Maison du Biologiste (Biologist’s Home)
Spain Español Casa del Biólogo (Biologist’s Home)
Germany Deutsch Zuhause des Biologen (Biologist’s Home)
Italy Italiana Casa del Biologo (Biologist’s Home)

The Biologist's Home[1] is a location found in Oracle of Seasons. It is the home of Dr. Left, and is found within Horon Village, the main point of civilization within Holodrum. It is found at the southeastern point, and can be entered at any time.

It is a very simple house, with a small bed and nightstand in the bottom-left, a desk in the middle, and multiple bookshelves at the rear. Dr. Left later quotes lines from his "books", likely the ones that are found in the bookshelves. Furthermore, there is a cracked wall on the right side of the home, which Link can Bomb in order to reach a Treasure Chest that contains 20 Rupees.

This location plays a part in the Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence; it is here where the trading sequence begins. Dr. Left, the resident of the home, is having trouble reading because the light in the home is too dim.[2] Once Link has acquired the Ember Seeds and Seed Satchel from the Gnarled Root Dungeon, he can use them to light the fire within the Biologist's Home. With more light, Dr. Left can finally focus.[3] As thanks, Dr. Left gives Link the first item of the trading sequence, the Cuccodex.[3]

If Link visits Dr. Left after acquiring the Cuccodex, Dr. Left tells Link lines from his "books", which reveal information regarding multiple subjects, including Dimitri, Like Likes, and more.



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