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Deppi is a Deku Scrub who appears in Four Swords Adventures. He is found in the Lost Woods stage in an area with a Moon Gate. When Link speaks to him, he explains that they are trying to improve the woods for Deku Scrubs, and that if Link wants to help, he should speak with Dekki.[1][2] Dekki is found through the Moon Gate, within the Dark World. If they agree to help, he gives them the job of finding three items in a specific order, such as grass, bombs, stones, signs, water jars, or oil pots.[3] He tells them to bring the items to Deppi.[4]

If the Links bring Deppi the wrong item or something out of order, he fires them.[5] In order to get his job back, Link has to prove himself to Dekki.[6] Fortunately, he can have his job back later on, and Dekki tells him new items to give Deppi.[7]

As the Links brings Deppi the right items, he encourages them to keep going.[8][9] Once they bring the final item, Deppi congratulates them and tells them to speak to Dekki.[10] Dekki gives them a Power Bracelet for their hard work.[11]


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