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Deppi (Coworker)

Dekki is a Deku Scrub from Four Swords Adventures. He can be found in the Lost Woods stage. Link first hears about him from Deppi, a friend of his located in the normal realm, where he says they are working to improve the forests for Deku Scrubs.[1] Dekki himself is hidden in the Dark World because he likes dark places.[2] In order to speak to him, the Links must enter a nearby Moon Gate.

Dekki immediately asks if the Links are there to help out.[3] If they refuse, he gets annoyed at first, but he later allows them to still help out.[4][5] When they do accept, he is very relieved and thankful.[6] If there are more than two players at the time, he assigns whichever Link he is talking to as the group leader.[7][8] Dekki then orders the Links to gather items and then take them to Deppi in a particular order.[9][10] He can ask for them to bring grass, bombs, a sign, a stone, a water jar, or and oil pot.

If Link brings Deppi the wrong item or something out of order, he is fired.[11] Dekki refuses to give him his job back until he shows he has "guts".[12] If he comes back later, Dekki agrees to let him have his job back and tells him different items to gather.[13]

When Link is done collecting the items, Dekki congratulates him and gives him a Power Bracelet.[14] After that, Dekki greets him enthusiastically and tells him to make all forests Deku Scrub-friendly environments.[15]


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