Four Sword Sanctuary

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Four Sword Sanctuary
FSA Four Sword Sanctuary.png
The Four Sword Sanctuary in Four Swords Adventures




The Four Sword Sanctuary is a location in Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures. It houses the pedestal of the Four Sword and the Royal Jewels. The wind sorcerer Vaati was imprisoned within the sword after being defeated by an ancient hero.[1] After the hero returned the blade to its pedestal, the people of Hyrule built the sanctuary around it.[2]

Four Swords

Princess Zelda, sensing weakness in Vaati's seal, heads to the Four Sword Sanctuary alongside Link to check on it.[3] However, by the time they arrive Vaati has already broken free of his seal and captures Zelda.[4] After Vaati escapes with the princess, three fairies awaken Link and tell him to draw the sword in order to save Zelda.[5]

Now split apart, the Links venture to defeat Vaati, seal him back within the blade, and rescue Zelda.[6] With their task complete, Zelda and Link return the sword to the Four Sword Sanctuary.[7]

Four Swords Adventures

In Four Swords Adventures, the Four Sword Sanctuary is accessed via a portal that is guarded by the Shrine Maidens.[8] When Hyrule is covered in dark clouds, Princess Zelda and Link meet at Hyrule Castle. Zelda explains that she fears it may be the work of the sorcerer Vaati who is sealed within.[9] With the help of the Shrine Maidens, she opens a portal to the sanctuary. However, Shadow Link appears and traps Zelda and the Shrine Maidens.[10] Link enters the portal in pursuit of Shadow Link and finds the Four Sword located within. Even knowing that it could release Vaati, he draws the sword.[11] Vaati is released and the Links are swept away.

After rescuing Zelda and the maidens and facing both Vaati and Ganon, the Links are finally able to return to the Four Sword to its pedestal in the sanctuary and are returned to one again.



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